Sweating during sleep, no sweating when waking up, fear of heat, dry mouth, soreness of the waist and knees, and easy fatigue are symptoms of kidney yin deficiency

Although the nine constitutions of Chinese medicine are not specific, they are more or less particular in daily life. For example: “I like fire and can’t eat spicy food” “I’m afraid of the cold, so I put on autumn clothes and long trousers early” “I can’t digest well, I will feel bloated and uncomfortable if I eat more” “I eat less vegetables Hmm, it’s not going smoothly”…

In fact, everyone’s description of their own physique is in the In all aspects of food, clothing, housing and transportation, there are also corresponding health-preserving tips, but there is no unified summary and scientific planning.

These particularities are actually the embodiment of health preservation in traditional Chinese medicine. People who love to drink hot water and are afraid of cold are often yang deficient; they sweat more than others when they move casually, most of them are qi deficient;

Traditional Chinese medicine divides human constitution into nine types, peaceful constitution, phlegm-damp constitution, qi stagnation constitution, kidney-yin deficiency constitution, and kidney-yang deficiency Physical constitution, damp-heat constitution, qi-deficiency constitution, special endowment constitution, and blood stasis constitution, among the nine constitutions, peaceful constitution is healthy, and the remaining eight are biased constitutions, which are unhealthy or sub-healthy. Physiques are inherently different, and recuperation is different from day after tomorrow. Every physique group has corresponding frequent sub-health symptoms and recuperation methods.

The “2022 Autumn Zhongjing Health Festival” organized by Zhongjing Wanxi Pharmaceutical will provide you with guidance on physical fitness identification and free consultations by professional Chinese physicians , form your own exclusive characteristic health plan, and develop a healthy body.

Modern people have a lot of pressure to study and live, go to school and go to work Most of them are sedentary, have an unbalanced diet, heavy and greasy taste, and at the same time, irregular work and rest, staying up late all year round, resulting in a lot of yin deficiency constitution. If the symptoms are obvious, you can choose Chinese patent medicine for conditioning. Zhongjing brand Liuwei Dihuang Wan is derived from the kidney-tonifying classic prescription of medical sage Zhang Zhongjing-the Shenqi pill in “Synopsis of the Golden Chamber”, which nourishes yin and nourishes kidney, and can treat kidney yin deficiency. The common symptoms of yin deficiency constitution are five upset and hot (hot hands, feet, chest), heat intolerance, soreness of the waist and knees, easy fatigue, dry mouth and excessive drinking, not easy to relieve by drinking a lot of water, sweating during sleep and waking up Sweating (night sweats), dizziness, tinnitus, etc..

Regulating the constitution of kidney yin deficiency should start from various aspects such as basic necessities of life , Try to adjust your living habits, adapt to the change of day and night, take a good rest, ensure enough sleep and not stay up late. Eat more food that nourishes yin and moistens dryness, such as duck, lotus root, loofah, white fungus, sugar cane, peach, lily, yam, etc. Eat less hot food such as mutton, leeks, peppers, fried, fried, and grilled foods You should also eat less.

At the same time, we should also pay attention to avoid sitting for a long time. If you sit for a long time around an hour, you need to get up and move around; you should also do moderate exercise after work and study, and strengthen your physical exercise. Medium-intensity aerobics, Tai Chi, Baduanjin, etc. are all suitable, and high-intensity exercises that are prone to sweating are not suitable. Avoid profuse sweating and qi and yin deficiency.

In addition to yin-deficiency constitution, each constitution has a unique health regimen, covering life adjustment, dietary attention, suitable medicinal diet and corresponding Chinese patent medicines , Comprehensive and professional health care can create a healthier body.

Feel the charm of traditional Chinese medicine, feel the magic of Chinese medicinal materials, feel the power of classic famous prescriptions, pay attention to the 2022 Autumn Zhongjing Health Festival, and pay attention to yourself To be healthy, take part in the activities and get your own method of systematic health preservation. A good life begins with health, and a good physique is cultivated!

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