It was used to wash dishes in ancient times, but now it is used to lower uric acid. How much do you know about the efficacy of loofah?

After the 1980s and 1990s, with the improvement of living standards, gout has quietly entered the ranks of common diseases in China. Its arthralgia, kidney’s damage has been bothering broad masses all the time. Western medicine is direct and effective, but some traditional Chinese medicines are not only cheap but also effective. For example, loofah is now clinically used as an adjuvant drug for lowering uric acid.

Now when it comes to loofah, most people don’t know what it is, what it looks like, let alone its uses. I have never seen a loofah, I have always seen a loofah, I have eaten a loofah. In fact, the loofah is the net-like fiber inside the loofah when it is ripe. Because of its net-like fluffy structure, wise ancients used it to wash dishes, and its function is similar to that of today’s cleaning balls. As everyone knows, ordinary loofah has good medicinal value.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that loofah has a sweet and cool taste, Returning to the liver, stomach, and lung meridians, it has the functions of dispelling wind, dredging collaterals, and drawing blood heat. “Materia Medica” points out that “the loofah enters the meridians to relieve pathogenic heat, and the wind will go away when the heat is removed.” Modern pharmacological studies have confirmed that loofah contains polysaccharides such as xylan, mannose, and galactan, which have a diuretic function. And the loofah is cheap and easy to obtain.

So how should it be used as an auxiliary drug for lowering uric acid?

If you have a history of gout and uric acid is at a normal level, you can take 10g of a single medicine, decoct it with water, and treat it as daily drinking water , 1500~2500ml/day, can promote uric acid excretion.

If you are in the acute stage of gout, compared with standard medication, loofah tea alone is slightly more effective in treating gout insufficient. For people with obvious gout symptoms, they can take loofah tea while taking western medicine, and the curative effect will be better. If you have joint swelling and pain, of course, you must first relieve the pain symptoms. Western medicine mainly uses non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (such as loxoprofen, etc.). At this time, add loofah decoction, and the pain symptoms will be relieved more obviously.

Take 50g of loofah, add appropriate amount of green onion and water, cook with strong fire for 10~15 minutes, finally add 5 g of green tea, soak When the tea tastes out, drink it while it is still hot. Drinking 2~3 times a day can effectively relieve gout. Loofah decoction instead of tea can not only dispel wind and dredge collaterals, promote serum heat, but also has a diuretic effect, which can increase urine volume and promote uric acid excretion, thus reducing the symptoms of gout. It is worth emphasizing that in the acute stage of gout, urate-lowering drugs should not be added blindly, especially drugs that promote uric acid excretion such as allopurinol, which will aggravate the formation of uric acid stones.

In addition, loofah can also be combined with other Chinese herbal medicines to exert a better effect of lowering uric acid, such as loofah 10g, corn silk 10g, platycodon 10g, it is also an extremely simple and clinically effective prescription of Sanwei. The usage is to decoct soup instead of water. It tastes sweet and is a very good tea. Compatriots with gout or hyperuricemia may wish to try it.

It is recorded in “Compendium of Materia Medica” that loofah has a sweet and flat taste, and has the functions of clearing heat and cooling blood, detoxifying and laxative, dispelling wind and phlegm, moisturizing Skin beautification, meridian dredging, blood flow, breast milk and other effects. It can be seen that loofah has many other uses besides the effect of lowering uric acid.

In addition, I recommend a prescription for clearing heat and cooling blood soup, It also has a reliable curative effect on gouty arthritis. The prescription: each 15 g of Yinchen and Chishao, 10 g each of Anemarrhena, Cortex Phellodendri, Dandelion, and Zihua Diding. Those who are interested can add or subtract drugs or doses according to their own specific conditions. After taking it for 1 month, the symptoms of gout can be significantly relieved.

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