Super high-value anti-season down jacket, 90% white duck down is soft and warm, this time I found a treasure!

Today, this baby is not only being urged by everyone, but I myself have been waiting for it!

The down jacket is here! ! !

Don’t be too early, this is the key to getting a good price!

Obviously it’s just like a penny, I started it a few months ago, and I can’t wait to cut the price in half!

The price of buying a down jacket in the current season, you can chop several pieces off-season!

Look, the same cashmere content of other homes should be 400+.

As an e-commerce merchant, “It’s our instinct to be picky, and we talked about first-hand resources as early as the off-season clearance.

This one I recommend to you today:

High quality white duck down, 90% down filling

The original price of the tag is 229 yuan, and now it is as low as 99 yuan!

No, it’s just right to bring it to you in the upcoming autumn and winter seasons!

Not much, just 2000 pieces.

Because the goods are obtained directly from the manufacturer, the price obtained is also a first-hand direct bid, otherwise it will be oversold in offline stores, and it will cost around 500-700.

It is especially worth letting the sisters take home this autumn and winter, so that you can keep warm and fashionable!

I guess you are also worried:

99 yuan for a down jacket, is the quality guaranteed?

Don’t worry, our selection team has been carefully checked!

This brand has its own factory and has done OEM for many big brands in China!

With very mature production and processing technology and equipment, the fabrics, styles, workmanship, etc. are naturally not bad!

Sisters who are interested can start first!

One ​​more word, there is not much stock in each size + color.

Sold out and will not be replenished, please place your order as soon as possible!

Simple, lightweight, slim profile, full of Japanese style, just needed for autumn, winter and spring.

As soon as I put it on, I’m already looking forward to winter!

*Five colors available

Everyone knows that down jackets are expensive because of the materials used!

Our selection of white duck down is up to 90%.

White duck down is good, everyone knows it, it is fluffy and soft, and its warmth retention is very good.

Fleece is light and warm on the upper body, wearing it like a moving quilt, instantly cures the chill of autumn and winter

Fillness works hard, and the air layer formed by the upper body instantly gathers the warmth!

Press down hard and then raise your hand, and the down jacket can be quickly fluffed up with a “quick thunderstorm”.

Do you think this quality of down can be warm to wear?

On the day we got the sample, it was hot and sweaty after trying it on for a few minutes in an air-conditioned room at 20°C.

In the cold winter, it can be said that you can enjoy the warmth and comfort of “packing lightly”, and wearing cotton clothes that are no longer cumbersome and heavy.

This down jacket is also very inclusive. It does not pick your figure, and the zipper pulls the thick waist and wide crotch to cover it all.

Take it when it’s windy, pull the zipper to the top, and bring your own “wind-blocking scarf” to show your temperament and keep you warm~

Real 90% white duck down, one piece is as warm as 3 sweaters, hot!

Don’t look at it as a simple style, there are many flowers that can be built.

Get all the sweater dresses and wide-leg pants! On those days when you are cold and shivering, you can put it on and go out warmly in the morning~

*Xiaohongshu collocation reference

In short, the advantages are really many, if I must say the disadvantages are: not many.

This time I found the brand and got the group price directly and shared it with the readers who have always supported us.

Buying winter clothes pays attention to quality, rather than buying and changing them every year, we recommend materials, workmanship, and details that pass the test.

This recommendation is all the goods we are chasing from the source factory!

The difference from the counter is that there is no OEM, but the price is less than a fraction~

Maybe your friend’s 1k brand down jacket that you buy in the winter night is from its handwriting~

Look at this white duck down jacket in your hand again, and you’ve earned it! !

Don’t miss out on discounts close to cost.

Don’t worry about buying your hands, you will have to wait until next year if you miss this wave!

Tell my sisters about the simple and rude reasons why I was madly planted by his down jacket-All-match looks thin and good-looking!

Needless to say, turtleneck down jackets have been popular for more than two years.

Only one brush online, one by hand!

This short, loose-fitting down jacket is more than just extra refreshing.

It can also effectively improve the waistline, lengthen the legs without pressing the height, and we small girls will look better.

Same height, the short one is taller than the long one↓

The stand-up collar is extra clean and neat to wear, and it is more energetic, and the generous stand-up collar is more friendly and versatile, suitable for people of different ages.

Small bun profile design: The silhouette is loose enough to hide the meat, shoulder width and back thickness.

Apple-shaped MM is also petite and cute wearing it.

The layout is clean and neat without procrastination. It wins people’s hearts with simple and elegant tailoring. It is rare in down jackets, and the wearer has a very refreshing and neat feeling.

The high waist line also allows you to wear a pair of long legs!

It can highlight the waistline and create a visual effect of “all legs from the waist down”, and the proportion of the body is perfect.

The down jacket must choose this simple style, it will not be out of fashion for many years, it is easy to wear and looks advanced.

Wear it without being bulky, even on a windy day of minus 10°, it will make you feel warm from the inside out.

Southerners without heating can also lighten the winter by owning one.

Doesn’t bury your proportions, allowing for a balance of “breath and temperature”.

In the past, it was easy to be dull and uninspired by wearing too much in autumn and winter. With it, it will not be like those cumbersome coats, and it will not “overwhelm” your spirit.

No matter what age or figure you are, wearing it will make you feel “younger” all of a sudden.

The color is also very simple, the solid color is more versatile, and the five colors are optional.

Any sweater paired with a pair of shark pants and leather boots will look great!

Of course, the good-looking down jacket is just a plus.

Frost resistance is the top priority of a good down.

As one of the most important attributes of a down jacket is warmth retention. After all, there are two factors that affect the warmth retention of a down jacket.

One ​​is down quality and the other is filling.

You see, the duck down buds contained in Qingfan’s down are composed of strands of down silk, and each down silk has many downs.

This one is not grey duck down like other cheap down jackets on the market, but Songhua River white duck down from cold regions.

Songhua River big white duck is relatively large and has a long growth cycle. In order to keep out the cold, the duck down there is fuller and denser.

Because ducks are herbivorous animals, the taste of duck down is relatively small, close to the smell, and there is almost no fishy smell.

After the down collection, it must go through 12 times of repeated cleaning, 6 times of 120 ℃ high temperature steam, drying and disinfection for more than 30 minutes before it is in place.

The ready-to-use down is really excellent in terms of feel, appearance and smell.

*From left to right are feathers, velvet, and velvet.

Do you think this quality of down can be warm to wear?

Interlude: The famous ten thousand yuan Canada goose is also filled with white duck down.

The ready-to-use down is really excellent in terms of feel, appearance and smell.

See our actual test:

Prepare 2 bottles of water at about 53 degrees, then wrap them in our down jackets and ordinary jackets, and put them in the refrigerator for 15 minutes.

Our down jacket 52.7℃/ordinary jacket 53.1℃

After 15 minutes, I took it out, and the ordinary down jacket became 48.9 degrees, down 4.2 degrees.

And our down jacket has become 50.7 degrees, a drop of about 2 degrees, and the warmth is self-evident.

*Our down jacket is only 2°C lower / normal jacket is 4.2°C lower

Such a down jacket with high warmth and cold protection, thick cashmere coat is not worth it!

Wait until the weather can “freeze you”, I will wear a short sleeve inside and put it directly on the jacket, the cold wind will not blow into the body at all, and the thermal insulation effect is great.

And this down jacket is available for everyone at a low price of ¥99. It is light and warm at the same time!

Autumn and winter are just around the corner, and the price of winter clothes continues to rise. This kind of clearance event is really rare!

Sisters give yourself a stab, and don’t forget to call your sisters to rush together!

Layers buy things based on the brand, but professionals only look at the quality.

✔️T-shaped line design:

The fabric is made of T-shaped line, which looks simple, but does not lose the sense of design~

It is woven with fine fibers and a double layer of gusseted fabric compared to the woven fabric of a normal down jacket.

Like a golden bell, it is windproof, cold and waterproof, and can withstand strong winds!

Put it on and everyone else is shivering on a windy day, but you’re fearless and warm all over.

More velvet!

In order to prevent drilling down, Qingfan chooses high-density fabrics from the same factory as F*LA, and the fibers are very fine.

Combined with special encryption textile technology, it prevents the down from running out of the stitches and ensures that it is not easy to run down after repeated washing.

No matter how hard we ravaged it, we couldn’t see a single lint come out, and we couldn’t stick it with tape.

After washing, the down jacket is still fluffy and full, and it looks as good as new.

And the material is very durable. We used the scissors and brushes to go into battle, and the lens was zoomed in, and the material was still stable.

Wear it out and play without worrying about the friction of sharp objects such as branches.

The whole piece of clothing uses the same snap buttons of international brands, which open and close smoothly and will not get stuck.

This quality seems to be able to wear for 10 years, and even picky parents will praise you for being a “good expert” when they see it.

Really wear it on the upper body to know how good it is~

Pleated skirts, hip-packed skirts, and straight-leg pants are all right, it can be sweet or salty, sassy or cool~

The actual wear rate is super high, and it will not press the bottom of the box when you buy it, so it looks good no matter how you wear it.

The same quality down jacket, the store buys a thousand less, and now it is only 99 yuan for off-season stocking!

There are 5 colors (orange/red/khaki/beige/black).

The size is very complete, 80 catties-140 catties can be worn.

Sisters who are excited will hurry up and place an order, and stock up on one for their daughter and their elders. It’s too cool for the family to go out~

Buy one more at a great price. Don’t forget to bring one for your family when you buy it for yourself.

Sisters who are interested can start first!