Sun Fuchun, visiting professor of Yunda University: The key to young people’s physical “demining” is to develop good living habits

Knowing that staying up late will hurt your health, but you can’t help staying up late to watch dramas and play games; you know that drinking too much alcohol can hurt your liver, but you can’t stop the short-lived joy brought by changing cups; ;Knowing that exercise is good for your health, but you are too lazy to take a step… In life, many people, especially young people, do not lack health knowledge, so that some young people are crazy about beer in their left hand and goji berries in a thermos cup in their right hand. Sun Fuchun, a visiting professor at the School of Chemistry of Yunnan University, said in an interview that many young people today lack self-discipline and are too casual about life, but they don’t know that this kind of life will “bury mines” everywhere for themselves.

Young people’s “punk health care” is more about seeking psychological comfort

Sun Fuchun said that no one I don’t care about my health, but the fast-paced work and life in the current city make it impossible for many people to have a healthy life and rest. Nowadays, the concept of curing diseases has taken root in the minds of young people. It is the daily life of many post-90s and even post-00s to stay up late and eat health care products. Stay up the latest night and buy the most complete health care products. The “punk health” approach. “Take some liver-protecting medicine before drinking, and add herbal tea for fear of getting angry. This method is often psychological comfort and comfort.” : Sub-health refers to a state in which the human body is between health and disease. Those who are in a sub-health state cannot reach the healthy standard, and manifest as symptoms of decreased vitality, function and adaptability within a certain period of time, but they do not meet the clinical or sub-clinical diagnostic criteria for diseases related to modern medicine. In short, I always feel uncomfortable and mentally ill, but I can’t find any disease. I often get dizzy when I go up the stairs, and I start to pant after running a few steps. Insomnia, stomach pain, obesity, hair loss and other problems have almost become their true portrayal.

“Some people don’t leave their hands with alcohol and tobacco. After returning home, they lie in bed and play with their mobile phones. They stay up until the middle of the night and fall asleep, but the next day they are not at all energetic. After a long time, their bodies may be in sub-health. Sun Fuchun said that in the eyes of many young people, chronic diseases are generally more common in the elderly, but they do not know that chronic diseases occur in young adults, develop in middle age, and develop in old age. In other words, some chronic diseases are actually caused by long-term lack of self-discipline in young life. Some people do not develop healthy living habits in their teenage years, nor do they have clear health goals in adulthood.

“Healthy” youths should add points to their health in this way

usually too lazy to exercise, coupled with overeating, nowadays obese young people are becoming more and more The more, and obesity is precisely one of the causes of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Sun Fuchun said that staying up late, staying up all night, and drinking alcohol should not be what young people should look like. As young people in the new era, the future successors of national construction, first of all, they must learn self-discipline, develop good eating habits, and achieve low-fat Low sugar and low fat, but also quit smoking and limit alcohol. It is also very important to ensure adequate rest and avoid staying up late. Night is the prime time for the body to “detoxify” and the brain to “restart”. Staying up late aggravates the imbalance of endocrine and neurotransmitter levels.

“As the pace of work and life accelerates, more and more office workers choose to take a nap at noon. At this time, it is best to take a rest. It is not recommended to lie on a table or lean on a chair. “Sun Fuchun said that due to the nature of work, it is best to have real blackout curtains for those who need to rest during the day, which can help improve sleep quality.

In real life, many young people develop the habit of sedentary due to various reasons. However, sitting for long periods of time can be dangerous. If you have to sit in the office for 8 hours a day, you should stand up and move for a while every 40 minutes. “Life lies in exercise. Adhering to proper exercise can enhance physical fitness and improve the body’s resistance.” Sun Fuchun said that young people must not be lazy. Exercise can promote body fat consumption, control body weight, regulate cardiopulmonary function, and eliminate waste in the body. Make people have a good mental state every day, so as to effectively prevent the occurrence of diseases.

In addition, regular physical examination is also a healthy lifestyle habit. Don’t always think that you are immune to all poisons when you are young, because some chronic diseases happen unknowingly. Young people should go for regular physical examinations to understand their own health status. For some chronic diseases, early detection and early treatment should be needed to kill them in the cradle.

Sun Fuchun said that many young people use their youth as their capital, often overspend their bodies, and don’t care much about their physical conditions. However, good and healthy living habits are beneficial to the body, so you should develop healthy living habits, which will benefit people for life.