Diabetic patients eat dinner like this, not only eat well, but also have better blood sugar after meals

The blood sugar is unstable after dinner, and the blood sugar is definitely not well controlled the next day. This article shares 3 ways to help stabilize blood sugar after dinner, I hope it will be useful to you.

Tier 1. Dinner time 20 minutes or more

Don’t eat dinner too late,best before 7pm.

The meal time is preferably more than 20 minutes. Studies have found that eating slowly is more likely to produce a feeling of fullness and will not allow yourself to eat too much.

The second trick.1 meat with 2-3 Vegetarian

Whether eating out or at home, the ideal ratio for dinner is 1 meat with 2~ 3 vegetarian, the ingredients should be as rich as possible.

For example, if you have made fish and shrimp, you can leave out the meat and make more vegetables; if you have starchy vegetables, use less staple food. For example, if you order potatoes or sweet potatoes, you can reduce the amount of rice.

Trick 3. Vegetables and whole grains are essential

Among all kinds of food, vegetables and whole grains are the ones that need to be chewed the most and have the strongest satiety.

Make a large plate of vegetables for yourself for dinner, and recommend vegetables with high water content, such as cucumber, tomato, Chinese cabbage, etc. Eat half of the vegetables first, and then eat other foods, I feel that I have eaten a lot of food, but the energy is not high.

Eating some staple foods with whole grains and some protein-containing foods can not only effectively improve the nutritional balance of the day, but also increase the satiety.

How is your blood sugar after dinner?

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