Summer vacation, fun… Xiaoshan is a very suitable spot for Internet celebrity check-in

Scorching sun · find some coolness< br/>

The correct opening posture in summer is not only to turn on the air conditioner, but also a good choice for a refreshing water rafting.

days With the high temperature, many citizens hope to find a quiet place to escape the summer heat to spend the hot summer.

In the “Yunshan Canyon Rafting” scenic spot located in Foshan Village, Daicun Town, Xiaoshan District, Ms. Li’s family from Jiaxing is ready to start a cool canyon rafting.

Ms. Li said: “The environment here is okay and it feels quite primitive.”

“Yunshan Canyon Rafting” includes glass slide rafting and river rafting. The fully transparent glass water slide suspended above the bamboo sea is 1,700 meters long and has a total drop of about 100 meters. It hovers in the air between natural attractions and trees. The ultra-long glide makes tourists scream and laugh all the way. After rafting on the glass water slide, it will be seamlessly connected to the river for rafting, where tourists can play in the water and enjoy the coolness.

Guest student Gu said: “It’s fun and exciting.”

It is understood that “Yunshan” Since its opening on May 1, the “Canyon Rafting” scenic spot has grown in popularity and has received more than 30,000 tourists.

Yang Jun, the person in charge of the “Yunshan Canyon Rafting” scenic spot, said: “Now, the average daily number of tourists is about 2,000 on weekends, and about 500 on weekdays from Monday to Friday. There are more tourists in Shaoxing, and there are also tourists in Shaoxing.”

Not far from Hangzhou, very close to nature, just leave!

roller-coaster-like twists and turns , circling again… The rubber raft will take you through the valley and jungle with the glass plank road. Rapid waterways, splashing waves, cheers, screams… resounded through the valley!

The whole journey takes about 1 hour. The thrill and excitement are the memories of this summer.

glass Rafting is a stimulating appetizer, and river rafting is the protagonist.

One wave has not settled, another wave has risen, the excitement is constant, the screaming is non-stop, and the real heart-cooling is flying.

Here you can not only enjoy the romance in the mountains and fields, but also experience the high-altitude rafting of the rapids, and truly feel the experience of “one boat drifting in four seasons, four seasons on different days”. Feel.

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