“Summer Festival” activities have been cancelled in many places, and some hotels said that “there is no need to ruin their reputation for thousands of dollars”

Recently, many hotels, hotels and other places issued a statement to cancel the “Summer Festival” event.

It is reported that summer festivals are traditional Japanese festivals, which are some activities or festivals held in summer, from mid-July to late August each year.

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【Chuxiong No. “Summer Festival”: The organizer called it an ordinary comic exhibition]

On July 23, Chuxiong Space Fantasy Theme Park issued a “declaration on the cancellation of the event”: my park will be leased on August 2 The venue was given to the organizer because the organizer said at the time that it was holding an ordinary comic exhibition event, and our park was not clear about its publicity channels. Later, many netizens and friends left messages on our park’s official Douyin to reflect the event and the “Summer Festival”. “Relatedly, we have cancelled the venue rental and prohibited the organizer from entering the venue.

Affirmation that the space fantasy theme park is a patriotic paradise and will never do anything that damages the interests and image of the country.

[Dali One Hotel: Immediately Cancelled]

On July 23, Yunnan Dali One Hotel also issued a situation statement: July 2 Two people said they were going to hold a normal Comic Con at the Dayu Hotel on July 30. The hotel also thought it was a normal Comic Con. After the hotel knew it was the theme of “Summer Festival”, it was immediately cancelled. Dayu Hotel is a patriotic hotel. It will never do anything that is detrimental to national interests and image. It will always be with the motherland!

【A hotel in Xinyu will host? Announcement: I have received a customer reservation for the venue on August 8]

In addition, according to “Xinyu Release” on the 24th: On July 22, some netizens reported that the Chenxiang Guest House in Xinyu City will host the Japanese Summer Festival activities. After receiving the online feedback, the bureau attached great importance to it and quickly carried out verification.

After investigation, the Wenguang New Tourism Department of the city’s district has not received any application for holding similar activities. According to the on-site investigation, in mid-April this year, the hotel received a customer who expressed that he wanted to book the venue on August 8 (the specific content of the event was not specified), but did not pay any reservation fee, and did not contact the hotel after that.

[A hotel in Zaozhuang cancels the “Summer Festival”, the hotel: cancel after learning the meaning]

According to The Paper, on July 24, the “Summer Festival” event originally scheduled to be held at the Buyihou Hotel in Zaozhuang, Shandong today was cancelled. The hotel said that it did not know the content of the event before, nor did it understand the meaning of “summer festival”. After learning the meaning, communicate with the animation company to cancel.

The hotel staff said, “If netizens don’t analyze it, how can we know what the ‘Summer Festival’ is.” “When he came to reserve our venue, he just said that we would use our conference room to hold the event. We are also Chinese, and we don’t need to destroy our reputation for thousands of dollars.” Some netizens said that this year’s “Summer Festival” has set up 20 sites across the country. , 21 events.

It is reported that the Summer Festival is a traditional Japanese festival, which is held from mid-July to late August every year.

On the day of the summer festival, people put on kimonos and yukatas, go shopping, buy things, and participate in entertainment activities (also known as garden tours in China). The original customs of this kind of temple fair originally came from China, and later spread to Japan. Combined with the local culture of Japan, there are various festivals and activities today, and gradually formed Japan’s own national cultural characteristics.

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