Su Liuyi would not have thought that he once again attracted attention because of Su Bingtian thousands of years later

Su Shi, a great writer in the Northern Song Dynasty, must be well known to everyone. He is not only a representative of the unrestrained Song Ci, but also a foodie. The food names related to him include Dongpo Pork, Dongpo Pork Po elbow, Dongpo tofu, Dongpo fish, etc., there are meat and vegetarian food, it can be seen that Su Shi’s food is still very healthy; but if you talk about Su Liuyi, readers who don’t know the history may not know much.

Su Shi
< div>Su Liuyi is the eighth grandson of Su Shi and the descendant of Su Shi’s eldest son Su Mai. He didn’t lie on the ancestral list and wait to die, nor did he inherit his ancestor’s literary talent, but he was a loyal and patriotic man. general.
The reason why I want to write about Su Liuyi is because of a news explosion. It is rumored that Su Bingtian is a descendant of Su Shi, and the reason why it can be traced back to Su Shi is because of Su Liuyi. In the pictures on the Internet, there are famous people in the Su family’s ancestral hall, including Su Bingtian: “The twenty-ninth generation grandson of Su Dongpo is Su Liuyi. The twenty-first-generation grandson, born on August 29, 1989 in Guyi Village, Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, is a Chinese male sprinter, associate professor at the School of Physical Education, Jinan University, and graduated from the 2013 Graduate School of Economics, Jinan University, majoring in international trade.”< /div>

Su’s Ancestral Hall
And Su Liuyi arrived in Guangdong during the process of resisting the Yuan Dynasty, and his descendants settled down. Su Liuyi is undoubtedly the descendant of Su Shi. According to the records of the genealogy, it is correct, but this statement has not been confirmed by Su Bingtian, and experts have also Speaking out, it remains to be confirmed whether the rumors on the Internet are true or not. Su Bingtian became a descendant of Su Shi, which is related to Su Bingtian’s achievements. After all, Su Bingtian is an Asian trapeze, just like the previous Quan Hongchan. Because he won the Olympic championship, he was also included in the family tree. Ancestral temple, this may be the celebrity effect.

Su Bingtian
< div>Su Liuyi is a hero no less than Wen Tianxiang, and it is worth introducing to you.
Su Shi is from Sichuan, and by the time of Su Liuyi’s generation, his ancestral home has become Jiangsu. He was born in the south of Xuzhou, and he was born in Lin’an, which is now Hangzhou. In his early years, he studied with his four cousins ​​and was admitted to the Jinshi together. This is comparable to the Jinshi among the three of Su Shi’s father and son.

Su Liuyi
< div>Although he was admitted to the jinshi, the current situation decided that Su Liuyi could not be a good civil official. When Su Liuyi was 28 years old, the Yuan Dynasty began to try to attack the Southern Song Dynasty, and Su Liuyi followed Lu Wende to defend Jinghu and Ezhou, and accumulated rich military experience.
Four years later, Su Liuyi became the governor of Jizhou and began to govern independently, while 8 A year later, Su Liuyi became the head of the Ministry of War, and one year later, he became the head of the Ministry of War. It can be seen that Su Liuyi has always been walking along the military line.
Since then, Su Liuyi participated in the defense of Lin’an Mansion. After Song Duzong surrendered, Su Liuyi and many others The minister took the descendants of Song Duzong to the south, and Su Liuyi also participated in the Yashan Sea Battle. Zhang Hongfan and Li Heng, who surrendered to the Yuan Dynasty, stormed the Song army. The Song army was cut off and could not resist the large number of Yuan army. Xiufu threw Zhao Bing into the sea to die for his country, Zhang Shijie told Su Liuyi to break the empress, and he took the Empress Dowager Yang to break through. After breaking through, he encountered a hurricane. In addition, Song Emperor was dead, so he also died in the sea one after another.
and Su Liuyi broke through and found Zhao Dan, a descendant of the Song family, and proclaimed him king , In order to follow the reign of Zhao and Song Dynasty, go back to Duning Mountain in Shunde, climb the mountain to build the capital, name “Duning”, and take the meaning of “all this is peaceful”, recruit more than a thousand soldiers and civilians, and continue to resist the rule of the Yuan Dynasty. After being repressed by the heavy army of the Yuan Dynasty for more than a month, Su Liuyi finally died at the age of forty-seven.
Looking at Su Liuyi’s life, although he was talented, he had to participate in military wars. Defending the Southern Song Dynasty court, but ultimately lost to the Yuan Dynasty army, was defeated and died for the country, Su Liuyi insisted on fighting until his death, such behavior can be called a national hero.