Su Bingtian is the 29th generation grandson of Su Shi. Not only does he run fast, but he also has a set of exercises for lung function.

There are news reports that Su Bingtian is the 29th-generation grandson of the great Chinese writer Su Shi and Su Dongpo, and there is a genealogy as evidence. In history, Su Shi wrote very well, especially for his words. He was the founder of the unrestrained school. In addition to being able to write articles and poems, Su Dongpo is not bad at sports, as evidenced by his words: he can draw a carved bow like a full moon, and he can shoot Sirius from the northwest. This is a sentence in a poem I wrote after I went out to hunt. It means that in addition to hunting, carvers should also be used to fight foreign invasions. With such ability to start work, proper style and style are blooming, and they are excellent in all aspects. Among them, there is an athlete like Su Bingtian, there should also be some genetic factors.

But in fact, good sports practice requires not only talent, but also scientific exercise methods. Su Bingtian has passed the best age for sports competition, but he can still achieve good results. It is related to the method of exercising lung function. This method is blowing a balloon. In fact, the action of blowing a balloon is similar to the pursed-lip breathing that we use to exercise lung function. It is to add a resistance to exhalation, and this resistance will be transmitted back through the respiratory tract. To the inside of the small airway, it forms a support force that expands outwards, thereby opening the trachea, reducing airway resistance, and breathing smoothly. When blowing a balloon, this resistance is greater, which not only can make the trachea more expanded, but also bring certain exercise to the muscles that drive breathing, which is an upgraded version of pursed lip breathing.

pursed lip breathing is especially suitable for patients with COPD, and balloon blowing is suitable for patients whose bullae are not particularly large, which are not easy to form pneumothorax and whose lung function is good, but they can’t really blow. Patients can try a blow dryer, which can also play a certain role in exercise.