Keeping pets can cause lung nodules, it’s possible!​

Pulmonary nodules are lump-like lesions with a diameter of less than 3 cm found on film or lung CT. The detection rate of such nodules is particularly high. Among Chinese people, every 11- Lung nodules were detected in one in 14 people. Pulmonary nodules are not an independent disease, but a manifestation of multiple diseases. Some early lung cancers are also nodular, so many patients who find pulmonary nodules are very nervous.

Recent news reports that keeping pets may cause lung nodules. Is this really the case? It is true that some pulmonary nodules are related to four pets, and the following three situations are specific.

1. Allergies. Some people have long-term close contact with pets. The ingredients that may cause allergies in pets can cause allergic nodules in the owner’s lungs. This is an allergic disease, the official name of which is Called allergic alveolitis, it usually presents with large ground-glass opacities and, in rare cases, diffuse pulmonary nodules, which may improve with hormone therapy.

2. Parasites, some pets have parasites, which may lead to lung nodules after the owner is infected. The typical one is Toxoplasma gondii, which usually parasites on cats. It may be infected with the human body. Nodular lesions form in the lungs.

3. Fungal infection. Some pets or excrement contain pathogenic fungi, especially Cryptococcus in the feces of some birds. Infected people’s lungs will form similar to the early stage Lung cancer nodules, some people even go to surgery because of such nodules, they may continue to take medicine after the surgery.