Studying cancer for 60 years, 93-year-old Academician Sun Yan reminded: Four things are recommended not to touch

Introduction: In daily life, people generally believe that cancer is an incurable disease. Many people talk about the discoloration of cancer and think that if cancer appears, it means that death is not far away. Cancer It is indeed a headache for many people, because patients have to constantly contend with the cancer cells in the body, which is a huge test both physically and mentally.

However, cancer cannot be said to be terminally ill. There are many successful cases of anti-cancer in life. Cancer has a 5-year survival rate of 10 years, and the survival rate is also very high, which is worth learning.

Everyone must understand that the appearance of cancer is not sudden, but gradually accumulated. According to relevant research Findings show that people aged 60-64 are more likely to develop cancer.

People in this age group may not pay attention to body maintenance when they were young, and have long-term bad life and diet Habits, or long-term anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and a series of factors related to the decline of body mechanisms.


Researching cancer for 60 years, 93-year-old Academician Sun Yan reminded: Four things Suggest not to touch

When it comes to cancer prevention and anti-cancer, Academician Sun Yan has an absolute statement Quan, Medical Master Sun Yan is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and one of the pioneers of medical oncology treatment in my country.

When it comes to cancer prevention and anti-cancer, academician Sun Yan can say that she has the right to make decisions. Yan is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and one of the pioneers of medical oncology treatment in our country.

Academician Sun Yan is now 93 years old and has dealt with tumors for 60 years. Academician Yan has entered an octogenarian age, but he still looks energetic and energetic, and his body is also very strong.

In the face of cancer, academician Sun Yan said that tumor prevention is more important than treatment, early detection, early diagnosis, early Treatment, the best way to defeat Tumor King more effectively is not to let him come to your door.

There are many factors that cause cancer, such as obesity, long-term smoking, drinking, excessive psychological pressure, Chronic infections and these carcinogenic factors must be kept away, and more attention should be paid to their own health and prevent cancer screening.

Tobacco , Alcohol

There are hundreds of harmful substances in tobacco smoke, at least 69 of them As a carcinogen, whether it is active smoking or passive smoking, it will endanger your health.

Smoking can easily cause cancer, coronary heart disease, sudden death, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, vasculitis and many other diseases, so it is recommended to quit smoking as soon as possible and stay away from the cigarette environment.

Long-term heavy drinking can lead to acetaldehyde poisoning, leading to myocardial damage, brain damage, gastritis, liver cirrhosis, gastric Bleeding, inflammatory skin diseases, etc., and alcohol has also been linked to bowel cancer, esophageal cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, and many other cancers.

“The Lancet” clearly states that the safest amount of alcohol consumption is zero, so not drinking is the healthiest It is recommended to stay away from alcohol at ordinary times.

Pickled food

The taste of pickled food is very unique, and because of the method of making pickled food, it is easy to preserve the food and it is very convenient to eat. If If you don’t want to cook dishes, you can eat pickled foods.

However, pickled foods contain nitrite, which will form nitrosamines during fermentation. Nitrosamines are strong carcinogens and are classified as primary carcinogens by organizations.

External Hazardous Environment

“The Lancet Oncology” once published a report stating that 29.4% of cancer deaths in China are related to chronic infections. For example, hepatitis B virus can easily lead to liver cancer, Helicobacter pylori infection can easily induce gastric cancer, human papilloma Viruses can easily cause cervical cancer, and avoiding viruses can induce nasopharyngeal cancer.

Therefore, it is very useful to prevent these bacterial and viral infections from the source Necessary, so as to reduce the risk of cancer. In fact, apart from biological factors such as bacteria and viruses, radiation from the outside world is not such as ultraviolet rays, X-rays in hospitals, CT, etc.

Processed meat

is also Foods that are confirmed to be carcinogenic, including processed meat, have been reported by 10 countries and 22 experts. More than 800 related human colorectal cancer may be closely related to the frequent consumption of processed meat products. Experts say that only one tael of processed meat is needed The possibility of developing cancer will increase by 18%.

These processed meats mainly include pork, beef, mutton The main ingredients, such as ham, hot dogs, bacon, beef jerky, etc., also involve various meat canned succulent sauces or ingredients.


Academician Sun Yan’s experience in cancer prevention

93 years old Academician Sun Yan is a well-known figure in the field of clinical oncology in our country, and the academician also used his healthy body to prove that the hindrance experience is effective.

▲It’s better to be hungry than to be hungry

Academician Sun Yan said that she eats 70% full every day, never overeating, and sometimes encounters foods that she really likes Also try to restrain yourself, leave the dining table when you feel that you have almost eaten, and will not stay at the dining table.

The reason for doing this is that uh, this is better than holding on, and it’s better than being fat , Obesity is one of the factors that lead to various cancers, so it is better to eat less high-calorie and high-fat foods.

< span>At the same time, we should also actively participate in physical exercise. Usually, we can walk as much as we can, instead of taking a car. There are many ways of exercising, such as walking, practicing Tai Chi, jogging, and swimming. You can choose according to your own preferences , anyway, as long as you move, it is better than not moving.

▲Physical examination twice a year

Regular physical examination is one of the important ways to detect early cancer. Many people will have a physical examination once a year, but twice a year is the right choice, because many tumors are highly hidden and may not be detected once.

Just because a physical examination is normal does not mean that there will be no other problems in the body for a year, so you have to give yourself more A layer of insurance.

As academician Sun Yan is an expert in tumors, but he doesn’t know when his body will become cancerous, it’s best to A good way is to have regular checkups, especially as you get older and your body’s functions decline in all aspects, you should pay more attention to physical checkups.