Street photography in Huangpu|You are looking at the scenery, I am looking at you in the scenery

Appreciate the most beautiful autumn scenery in the city center, follow our camera——< /span>

Let’s go and check in together!

Let’s go to Yanzhong Greenland today Second Exploration”↓

The end of November and the beginning of December every year

The green land in Yanzhong is full of forests.

Late autumn and early winter collide perfectly here.

Shanghai Concert Hall Ginkgo Square will usher in the most beautiful moment,

Falling leaves in the wind, like notes on strings,

Singing a touching song.

It makes people dance.

, duration00:15

They all say “limited autumn colors”,

The beautiful scenery of Yanzhong Greenland is “unlimited”.

Green and colorful,

The green lungs of the city, beautiful It must be intoxicating!

You take pictures of the scenery, and I take pictures of you in the scenery.


Ginkgo yellow, maple leaf red,

< span>The small bridge and the pool reflect each other beautifully.

There is no lack of beautiful scenery in the city center, what is missing is you who see the scenery!

< span>It’s getting cold,

Remember to wear more clothes and masks,


< span>Looking at the scenery in Yanzhong Greenland.