The results of the first batch of “Huangpu Good People” recommendation activities in 2022 are out! Do you know anyone?

In order to further play the leading role of advanced models and improve the urban civilization and citizens’ civilized literacy, according to the relevant work plan, the District Civilization Office organized the first batch of “Huangpu Good People” in 2022 “Recommendation activities, extensive excavation, selection, outstanding publicity deeds, public recognition, and representative advanced models.

Now, the selection results are out La!

The first batch of “Huangpu Good People” List

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Director of Huangpu District Planning and Natural Resources Bureau



Yang Xilin

Chairman and General Manager of Shanghai Nanfang Group Property Management Co., Ltd.

Qi Tiezhu

Senior Manager of Yongye Group Office

< p data-track="17">Sun Songlei

Secretary of the third branch of the Party branch in Baidu residential area, Xiaodongmen Street, backbone volunteer of Shanghai Beach Garden Community

Li Ji

Attendant Physician, Head of Dental Department, Huangpu District Dental Disease Prevention and Treatment Institute

Zhu Xiaosheng

Xiaodongmen Market Supervision and Management Director

Buildings in Huangpu District Building Materials Industry Safety and Quality Supervision Station Team

Huangpu District Construction and Building Materials Industry Safety and Quality Supervision Station staff

Fight against the “epidemic” new force Team

Staff of the Bund Investment Group

Ruier Nucleic Acid Sampling Class

Ruijin 2nd Road Community Health Service Center Nucleic Acid Sampling Commando

Yuyuan Small Commodity Market Volunteer Service Team


Wang Li

Director of Changjiang Neighborhood Committee and Deputy Secretary of the General Party Branch of East Nanjing Road Street< /span>

Cui Haotian

First-level law enforcement officer of the Huangpu District Ecological Environment Bureau

Chen Hong

The No. 1 Social Welfare Institute of Huangpu District seconded the staff of District Civil Affairs Bureau

High Strength

Deputy Director of Huangpu District Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Liu Xiaoyan

Head of the Medical Department of Yuyuan Street Community Health Service Center and Huangpu District Elderly Nursing Hospital


Store Manager of Taikang Store of Sinopharm Holding Guoda Pharmacy Shanghai Chain Co., Ltd.

Hu Tianmin

Huangpu District Arbitrator of Labor and Personnel Dispute Arbitration Institute

Shanghai Epidemic prevention team of Jinchen Nursing Home

Staff of Shanghai Jinchen Nursing Home

Wang Min

Shanghai Jianwei Law Firm Senior Consultant

Dai Yan

< p data-track="50">Deputy Director of the Fifth Inspection and Investigation Office of the Disciplinary Commission of Huangpu District

Special Class for Veteran Cadres of the District Party Committee

Huangpu District Party Committee Veteran Cadres Bureau Officials

Chen Yifei< /span>

Deputy Director of Bund Street Community Affairs Service Center

Huang Haixiang

Wang Jiawei

< span>Comprehensive electrician of Shanghai Daguangming Cinema Co., Ltd.

< span>Xiang Hua

Huangpu District Archives Level 4 Chief Section Member

Liang Zhijian

Director of Puyi Neighborhood Committee of Bansongyuan Road Street

Zhongheng Group Community Epidemic Prevention Volunteer Service Team

Shanghai Zhongheng (Group) Co., Ltd.< /p>

Yang Yongqing

Shanghai Traffic Director of Medical Skills and Life Health Training Center, School of Continuing Education, Faculty of Medicine

Guo Qian

Dapuqiao Street Mengxi Community Residents

Huangpu District Fire and Rescue Detachment has a clean environment Killing Brigade

Huangpu District Fire Rescue Detachment Firefighters< /span>

Huangpu Education Anti-epidemic Quarantine Team

Faculty and staff at the school isolation point in Huangpu District

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