Stomach trouble, what are the horizontal and vertical lines on the tongue?

If you ask what is the most common disease now, it is spleen and stomach disease.

Many people now have spleen and stomach problems, gastritis caused by Helicobacter pylori infection, stomach pain, acid reflux, heartburn, nausea and vomiting, bloating, irregular stool, either dry or Rare, then today we will share with you spleen and stomach diseases through a tongue picture, how to see it on the tongue picture, and what Chinese patent medicines can be used if the spleen and stomach are not good. Click on my tongue image

Let’s take a look at this tongue image, then The first thing that catches the eye is the depression in the middle of the tongue, a long vertical crack on the tongue, and many small horizontal cracks. There are a few tooth marks on the side of the tongue, and there are many red spots beside it. So what do these represent?

First of all, let’s look at the tongue. The tongue is fat and there are teeth marks on both sides of the tongue. This shows that the spleen is deficient. The spleen and stomach are the source of Qi and blood biochemistry. If the spleen is deficient, the lack of Qi and blood will lead to dizziness and physical fatigue In addition, we also say that the spleen transports and transforms water and dampness. Insufficiency of the spleen is unable to transport and transform water and dampness, and there will be heavy moisture, phlegm, greasy head and face, and stools that are not formed, either dry or loose.

Then let’s look at the depression in the middle of the tongue. We say that the depression is a deficiency syndrome, and the high convexity is a syndrome. The depression in the tongue indicates that the spleen and stomach are weak. Look at the piece of food on the right side of the middle of the tongue. This means that there is a slight strong stomach and weak spleen. Usually, there will be a normal appetite, but you will be full after eating a little, but you will be hungry after a while, and your stool will not form. , either dry, or thin, or dry before and then thin. Next, let’s look at the crack in the middle of the tongue. This crack is often seen in many people with poor stomachs. You can stick out your tongue to see if there is any crack on your tongue.

Under normal circumstances, we say that the swelling and depression on the top of the tongue is due to the imbalance of the Qi mechanism. The cracks are usually due to the disease for a long time, and the body has an organic lesion. If this is the case Long vertical cracks usually cause gastritis and bloating. If such horizontal cracks appear, it means that there is a problem of gastric ulcer, and there will often be problems of acid reflux and stomach pain, such as in this tongue image. Speaking of the tongue picture we saw, she has gastritis infected by Helicobacter pylori, and she often suffers from nausea and vomiting.

So, you can take a look at your tongue image. If you have such swelling, depression, horizontal lines, and vertical lines, you must pay attention to your spleen and stomach, and avoid Because of the usual inattention, gastritis has evolved into gastric cancer.

Finally, let’s look at this kind of little red dot. , like to be sullen, and this kind of bad mood is stagnation of liver qi, which will become stagnant and turn into fire after a long time of stagnation of liver qi, which is manifested in the tongue like this kind of small red spots, and the tongue is reddish.

For this kind of stomach disease, you can use a Chinese patent medicine Moluotan. There are 18 Chinese medicines in Moluodan, which is a very good Chinese patent medicine. Among the 18 Chinese patent medicines One is for nourishing yin and promoting body fluid, such as Lily, Ophiopogon japonicus, and Dendrobium; There is another kind of medicine that strengthens the spleen and nourishes the stomach, such as Atractylodes macrocephala, Poria cocos, and gallinaceous gold, and the last category is to promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis, cool blood and stimulate menstruation, such as Puhuang, Panax notoginseng, and Chuanxiong, so Moluotan has very powerful functions , can harmonize the stomach, invigorate the spleen and eliminate swelling, dredge collaterals and relieve pain, such as chronic atrophic gastritis, general gastritis, superficial gastritis, stomach pain, fullness, nausea, loss of appetite, belching, etc. .

I will share it with you today. Chinese medicine pays attention to syndrome differentiation and treatment, so don’t look at your tongue Just use the same medicine as others, because you have different living, eating and resting habits, so the medicine will be different. Well, if you want to see the tongue picture, you can click on my profile picture to enter the homepage, and see my first page A micro-headline consultation, or if you have different opinions, you can also leave a message in the comment area. Follow Dr. Cui, and you will learn more about health knowledge. click on my tongue