Opening up an acupoint can open the channel for blood stasis to flow downward, allowing blood to circulate

A point I learned today, after opening it, can help the stagnant blood in the blood vessels to flow again. It is the mother point of the kidney meridian, Fuliu point. After reading it, I must save it and share it with more people in need people. Then hurry up to learn more.

The position of Fuliu point:

Belongs to the kidney meridian, it is a double point, symmetrical on the left and right, first Find the Taixi point on the inner side of the calf, next to the tip of the inner ankle. The Taixi point is 2 inches straight up, and the distance of 3 horizontal fingers is the Fuliu point. did you find it

Function of Fuliu Point

Congestion, the most typical The manifestation is the swelling and swelling of the external skin, and there is no special reason. The lower limbs will be reflected first. For example, many people have the problem of earthworm legs, which is a typical congestion. Of course, this is what we can see. , more invisible dangers, press it down hard, there will be a pitfall, and there are many people there. These are all manifestations of congestion.

What should I do then? The first step is to dissolve the blood stasis. The second step is to promote the expulsion of the dissipated blood stasis.

Fuliu is the mother point of the kidney meridian. It can not only open up the congestion, but also guide the congestion downward. This is also the meaning of the name “Fuliu” by the ancient sages. stand up.

So, once you find that you have swelling in your lower limbs, or numbness in earthworm legs (varicose veins) and toes, you should pay attention to it. The Kunlun of Xixi and Bladder Meridian can be used together. From Fuliu moxibustion scraping to the sole of the foot Yongquan, moxibustion Fuliu point, peck moxibustion with sparrow.


Many people, as long as they stand for a while, their legs and feet will become sore , I really hope that raising your feet high will make you feel comfortable, so many people develop the habit of putting their feet on the table. Sometimes they don’t think it’s a problem, they just think it’s just for enjoyment. In fact, this is a pathological self-help behavior. Hurry up Stimulate Guaguafuliu acupoint, invigorate kidney qi, and dredge qi and blood to flow down. can solve this problem.