Stew bone broth, cold or hot water? look here

Do you use cold water or hot water for bone broth?

Whether to use cold water or hot water to stew pork bones mainly depends on whether you want to eat meat or drink soup.

If you want to eat meat, it is best to boil it in hot water, because the meat stewed in hot water is delicious and delicious.

On the contrary, the broth stewed in cold water is delicious and delicious.

Why is this?

Because the meat bones are stewed with hot water at the beginning, the surface of the meat bones is suddenly subjected to high temperature, and the protein of the outer layer of meat will suddenly solidify, thus The protein in the inner layer can no longer be fully dissolved in the soup, and the taste of the soup is naturally not as delicious as the soup cooked when it is put in cold water.

Midway If you need to add water, you should heat the water

Note: If you find that there is little water in the middle of stewing the bones, do not add cold water easily, the reason is similar to the above, halfway If water needs to be added, the water should be heated.

Don’t add salt early when cooking broth

It should also be noted that: do not add salt early when cooking broth, because salt has a osmotic effect, and it is most likely to penetrate into the condiment, causing the water inside to separate out, thereby aggravating the coagulation of protein and affecting the flavor of the soup. delicious.

In addition, soy sauce It is not advisable to add too early.

The amount of onion, ginger, cooking wine and other seasonings should be added appropriately. Do not add too much, otherwise it will affect the umami taste of the soup itself.

If you like soup, try it next time! !