Spleen deficiency and heavy dampness, boiled red bean barley porridge is okay, how can traditional Chinese medicine effectively remove dampness?

Dampness is heavy. Drinking Chixiaodou barley porridge is not enough to get rid of dampness fundamentally, because water and dampness are both yin and evil, and water is tangible, such as When a person’s eyelids are swollen, or the lower limbs are swollen, what we usually call edema is tangible.

But damp evil, it is invisible and can permeate the whole body. The red bean barley porridge is a medicine for diuresis, and damp evil slowly gathers into water , and then excreted through urine, it can only treat the symptoms but not the root cause.

And traditional Chinese medicine believes that barley is cool in nature, and red beans do not enter the spleen and kidney meridians. What about the spleen? It can transport water and dampness, and kidney yang can gasify water and dampness, so if you eat red bean barley porridge to relieve dampness, the amount of urine will increase usually, although it may be useful for a short time, such as the tongue coating becomes thinner, but after a period of time , the water-damp evil still gathers on the body, so at this time, people with weak spleen and stomach need to invigorate the spleen and nourish the spleen, and people with kidney-yang deficiency need to nourish the kidney-yang. Let’s nourish our innate and acquired, so that the evil of water and dampness will not grow repeatedly.

How to strengthen the spleen and kidney?

Traditional Chinese medicine still pays attention to syndrome differentiation and treatment. If you have a thick and greasy tongue coating, you are prone to diarrhea at ordinary times, loose stools when you eat less, shortness of breath and cough, and abdominal pain easily. I am usually tired and weak. At this time, I can refer to Shenling Baizhu San to invigorate the spleen and remove dampness. The symptoms are abdominal distension. After eating a little, the stomach is distended, the stool is not formed, and it is easy to burp and fart. Acid reflux and heartburn, at this time, you can refer to a Muxiang Shunqi pill to promote qi and dampness, strengthen the spleen and stomach.

If your tongue coating is moist, fat, pale and white , I am usually afraid of the cold, prone to edema of the limbs, sore waist and knees, and cold hands and feet. At this time, Jin Kui Shen Qi Pills can be used to warm and invigorate the kidney yang.

The above is what I shared, follow and doctor, don’t get lost in a healthy life, see you next time!