Drum team, let me lose face

Since the red soldiers resumed the team flag, team salute and team call, they soon began to organize the school drum team. At that time, every time there was a general meeting of the school, the captain on the stage gave an order: “Leave the flag, salute, and play music!” So a group of students, led by the student in charge of the conductor in front, followed the conductor’s hand. The baton jumped up and down, beat the drums and trumpet rhythmically, walked from the back of the student team, walked along the middle passage to the front of the rostrum, and finally waved the baton dazzledly for a while. , with a heavy pause, the sound of the drums and horns stopped abruptly.

In the third grade, the drum team began to recruit members from students in our grade. Everyone thought this was a particularly honorable thing, so they rushed to sign up. The most popular position to sign up for is playing the snare drum. Because playing the trumpet requires a certain amount of strength and skill, students in our grade are not eligible to apply. They can only apply for playing snare drums, bass drums and other percussion instruments. I need students who are tall and strong. Although I am tall, I am obviously too thin and not suitable, so I also signed up to play the snare drum like other students.

Because there were too many students who signed up to play the snare drum, the counselors of the school brigade finally selected them. In the end, I went around and selected a few people. I was very fortunate to be selected by the teacher.

When I got home that day, I was very excited. I told my parents, brothers and sisters that the whole family was also very happy. My brother played the trombone in the middle school band and said I should apply to learn how to play the trumpet. I told him to play the trumpet for senior students. I wanted to learn how to play the snare drum. The drums made a rolling drum flower, which was so majestic and beautiful!

After school in the afternoon of the second day, the few of us who were selected to join the drum team stayed behind. The teacher took us into the music classroom on the first floor, and then Let’s line up according to height, I’m the tallest and I’m at the bottom. Unexpectedly, this height turned out to be my disadvantage. The teacher first arranged for a few students who were not tall to try playing the snare drum, hung the snare drum in front of them with a belt, and then asked them to try to follow the teacher’s password first. Hit the beat. After these few people fought for a while, they were replaced with a few students from other classes, and finally a few students were confirmed to stay, and the rest of the students went back, which was tantamount to being eliminated. For such a long time, the teacher didn’t seem to realize that there was such a stupid big man like me. I could only watch those students try to play the snare drum one by one from the back of the classroom. I don’t know how long it took, but the teacher finally saw me, called me to him and said, “You are tall, so you should be at the end of the drum team to knock on the triangle.” I almost cried when I heard that, Because I have calculated thousands of times, but I didn’t calculate that I can knock triangles!

I don’t even remember how I got out of the music classroom that afternoon. On the way home, I was like an eggplant beaten by frost, feeling really sad. Originally, the day before, I had excitedly told the whole family that I was going to learn to play the snare drum, and the cowhide was blown out. I didn’t expect this to end like this. I was really ashamed and annoyed. When I got home, my sister asked me when she saw me, did I learn to play drums today? I didn’t say a word, she asked repeatedly, and finally I said angrily: “Let me knock on the triangle!” Instead of comforting me, she laughed gleefully. Her smile made me so anxious that I finally couldn’t help crying. When my mother came home and heard about it, she said that knocking on the triangle is also very good. If there is no one in the band, no one can do it. I need to practice hard in the future.

In the later days, I walked with my classmates who played the big drum at the end of the drum team, holding a triangle iron in my left hand and a small iron rod in my right hand Sometimes I click and sometimes roll to follow the rhythm of the conductor, but the technical content of this instrument is too low, and it seems to be dispensable. Every time the drum team plays, my “big man” , Small characters” walk at the end of the team, always feel that the thorns are on their backs, and they are “embarrassed” during the march.

In the second semester of the fourth grade, the drum team began to recruit new players, and my role of “triangle player” was handed over to the new students. Lost face” drum team. After staying in the drum team for nearly two years, I never had the chance to play the snare drum that I always miss, which has become an eternal regret.