Solve learning difficulties and improve grades by leaps and bounds

#parents hundred questions one hundred answers#Solving learning difficulties, the grades have improved by leaps and bounds

Solving difficulties is not only the job of school teachers, even some hospitals are hanged up Outpatient clinic for solving learning difficulties, what kind of difficulties are learning difficulties, and how can they be solved.

Difficulty in learning, also known as learning disabilities, on the surface is poor grades, many small movements when studying, distraction, procrastination, inattention and low learning efficiency, how can I Can it be solved, so that students can learn independently and efficiently?

Through the investigation and analysis of some students with learning difficulties, it is found that they are not intellectual problems, nor do they want to learn, but a kind of conditioned disgust Learning emotions, specifically speaking, students want to learn, that is, when they are studying, they can’t control their anxiety, irritability, distraction, knowing that this is not good, and knowing that they need to study hard, but they can’t control it, which plays a central role It is emotion, and how this emotion is generated and how to eliminate it is the key to solving learning difficulties.

When a female student was in physics class, she found it difficult and couldn’t understand. Thinking of what her father said, physics is difficult and not suitable for girls. Girls are emotional thinking. But physics is rational thinking, so I feel stupid and anxious. At this time, anxiety and physics are connected in the brain to form a conditioned reflex. After learning physics, I will be anxious, unable to listen to the class, unable to learn, and my grades will gradually decline. I feel that I am not a material for studying physics, but I have become a poor student.

The solution is to let students understand the principle of conditioned reflex, understand that they can’t learn, it has nothing to do with men and women, and has nothing to do with intelligence, but anxiety. , establish a new conditioned reflex to eliminate anxiety, experience the feeling of learning physics in a calm state, feel that as long as you can calm down, you can learn, this learning difficulty can be solved, and you can become a top student in physics, and others All disciplines are like this.

Any stupid student in the eyes of others can achieve excellent results as long as they adjust their positive emotions.