find yourself

Sometimes, the mirror looks at me
I am right and wrong
Sometimes, I look at the mirror
The mirror is not a mirror
It is an extended emptiness< br/>Or just a glass wall

I often can’t find myself
In the dream, I am not myself
It is a piece of virgin land of childhood
The seeds are sown
What blooms are not flowers, but clouds
It is a flying arrow
It’s the smile of a gentle girl

Where are you
Where was I before my mother
Mother’s girlhood
Where was I
When my father was hiding from the Japanese devils
Where was I
It’s parents’ matchmaker talk Laughing
Where am I

I am to me
It’s an accidental seeding
It’s a presumptuous trip
It’s a sudden social drama
I really don’t know
Who am I
What am I here for
What am I going to do again

All these years
my smooth forehead
Deeply engraved with a knife, there are winding ravines
And the dense forest-like hairline
It’s still like white snow
I’m always looking for myself
Looking for the self swimming naked in the muddy water
Looking for the self swimming in the Zi River
Looking for the self floating in the sea of ​​people

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Sometimes, I also ask, do I
know if I know that the person who goes to and from get off work on time like a clock every day
Is it me who is dizzy and dizzy with spinning like a top every day? I really hate myself. >Go and repeat life with a smiling face
Can this be me
Is this me
Ask a question in the mirror
The mirror says I don’t know, I don’t know

When the sun rises
I can’t find myself
Can I forgive myself for being young and ignorant
When the sun climbs up Dongshan Mountain
Can I still not find myself
Should be able to find the high-spirited self
But I still haven’t found myself
Only found a sinking anchor
Until the sun passed the mid-heaven
The sun seems to be leaning towards the west
At this time, it’s time It’s me
But it’s not me
I’m still subject to the obstruction of clouds
I’m still subject to the blur of colorful clouds
I’m still indulging in dark games
Alas! Finding yourself
is an impossible task

Someone said You can find yourself by studying Zen
Some people say that you can find yourself by studying Buddhism
Others say that you can find yourself by believing in Christ
However, all the beliefs in this world
are because of I can’t find myself
I can’t persuade myself
to find heaven
to find God
I don’t believe that all sustenance can find the soul
I don’t believe in man-made

5,000 years of poverty
How many people with lofty ideals pursue to realize the great self
beheaded Don’t be afraid, as long as you live out your own life
Don’t be afraid of poking a dead body, just find yourself
There is also the unrestrained heroine who refuses to cross Jiangdong
And the hero who sacrificed herself who refuses to leave the country
I want to find some comfort in them
However, the world behind them
Still unable to live by itself
Yun Yun, still alive, still camping with dogs
Dead beings, still want to enter the kingdom of heaven
What kind of world is this
Heroes and heroes still die without being buried
Stealing a life is still buried in a coffin


Ah! Why can’t I find myself
Because I am silent about this land?
I am silent about internal and external troubles—-
Pieces of arable land are growing buildings
The swamps are attracting investment
And the tall chimney blowing gunpowder
br/>There is also the hidden gold digger master
All of these are no match for financial games

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Alas! I don’t want to find myself anymore
When all the groups are losing themselves
A person, is it already drifting away
Is there no way to go
I think right The mirror repeats again and again
I’m really not myself