Should toothpaste be wetted with water before brushing? Do you want to brush your tongue coating? Maybe many people are wrong

Introduction: On October 17, the Hong Kong Consumer Council released a sample test result on toothpaste, which showed the price of 30 types From the toothpaste around 10 yuan, the random inspection results are shocking, and even some well-known brands that everyone is more familiar with are also on the list:

1 , The pH value of 3 children’s toothpastes is low; Heavy metal ingredients;

3, 16 toothpastes contain fragrances and allergenic ingredients, but there is no label;

4. The fluoride content in the 2 toothpastes is insufficient.

Brushing is all of us One thing we do every day, and toothpaste is also an essential item in daily life. If there is a problem with the safety of toothpaste, it will indeed make people worry.

There are also some issues about healthy tooth brushing that we all need to understand, for example, should I wet my teeth before brushing my teeth? Should the tongue coating be brushed together with the teeth?

First of all, let’s understand how toothpaste works?

The reason why the fragrant and glutinous toothpaste can clean teeth is because toothpaste All of them contain an abrasive, and this abrasive can clean the food residue on the teeth and the plaque attached to the teeth during the friction between brushing and teeth .

If the friction time is longer, The more meticulous, the cleaner our teeth will be brushed.

How to choose toothpaste? What is the difference between 5 yuan toothpaste and 25 yuan toothpaste?

If you are a person with a relatively healthy oral environment, then cheap toothpaste and Expensive toothpaste doesn’t make a difference to you, because everyone just needs to clean.

But why are some toothpastes more expensive? This is mainly because of the addition of pharmaceutical ingredients used for certain oral problems.

Some toothpastes are expensive because potassium nitrate is added Anti-sensitive ingredients, and some toothpastes that are powerful in removing tartar, because they contain zinc citrate, and some toothpastes can prevent bleeding gums, and add hemostatic Chinese herbal ingredients.

So the most economical way is to protect the mouth,Otherwise, even Toothpaste needs to buy the most expensive.

Should the toothpaste be wet with water before brushing?

Whether the toothpaste needs to be soaked with water or not depends on the toothpaste itself. Many toothpastes contain foaming agents, active brush your teeth after dipping in water, the foam will be richer.

It can also be better Reduces frictionto help increase brushing comfort.

However, if the toothpaste contains some special ingredients, such as desensitizers, whitening ingredients, etc.,These ingredients will be dissolved after encountering water, so this kind of toothpaste should be cleaned before brushing Best to keep out of the water first.

Do you want to brush your tongue coating? Perhaps many people are mistaken.

There are also some food residues in the tongue coating in some warm and humid oral environment, which will easily lead to these bacteria Breeding, and not easy to bring bad breath or other oral problems.

So when you brush your teeth, you also need to clean your tongue with it, which can reduce food residues and leave In the oral cavity, it can also better improve oral odor and oral problems.

What should be paid attention to when scraping the tongue coating?

This is because the tongue coating on the tip of the tongue is relatively small, and it is mostly distributed on the root of the tongue. When brushing the tongue coating, you must also remember to clean even the root of the tongue.

In order to avoid retching when brushing the root of the tongue, it is recommended that you brush your tongue as much as possible Stretch out your tongue, although this action is not elegant, but it can help us get healthy.

There are also some professional tongue scrapers on the market, which may be more gentle than toothbrushes, and are more compatible with the tongue The surface contact parts are also made of rubber.

Everyone is using tongue scraping When using the gun, try to scrape from the base of the tongue outward, and the force should not be too heavy, otherwise you will easily cause yourself to retch.

After scraping your tongue every time, you need to rinse it under running water to prevent dirt from being brought into your mouth again It is enough to scrape until there is not much tongue coating.

But everyone should also remember, don’t over-clean, just do it 5-10 times each time Otherwise, it will easily scratch our tongue surface and affect oral health.

About brushing your teeth, there are two common questions you need to understand

Does the toothbrush have softer bristles?

The bristles of the toothbrush are not more The softer the better, but the best one that suits you.

Except for children’s toothbrushes, currently on the market Adult toothbrushes are generally divided into three types, namely soft hair, medium hair, and hard hair.

Because The price of soft-bristled toothbrushes is higher than other toothbrushes, so many people think that the quality of soft-bristled toothbrushes is better, but in fact, there is no difference between these three toothbrushes.

From this we can see that the softer the toothbrush is, the better it is, but the one that suits you is the best.

Does the toothpaste need to be replaced frequently?

< p data-track="40">It is recommended that you change your toothpaste every three months or so. Many people have been using the same toothpaste for many years and are reluctant to change it, and they have never thought of changing it to another Toothpaste.

Related studies have found that if you use the same toothpaste for a long time, brushing your teeth will cause some harmful effects. Oral Bacteria develop drug resistance and drug resistance, which will make toothpaste lose its sterilizing effect, especially medicated toothpaste.

Extended reading: What to do with yellow teeth?

1. You can pour a cup of apple cider vinegar and put it in your mouth, so that the active ingredients in it can decompose the dirt on the tooth surface and help whiten your teeth ;

2. During the process of chewing peanuts, it can effectively remove the dirt on the teeth, and it can also make the teeth more healthy Healthy and white;

3. Chew raw celery, celery is rich in crude fiber, which can effectively remove adhesion Food residue on the teeth can also help reduce pigmentation;

4. Finally, you can also choose to go Chewing sugar-free gum, which increases saliva production and neutralizes the acidity in the mouth, helps prevent tooth discoloration due to erosion.

Conclusion: After reading the above Question, maybe everyone has a new understanding of brushing teeth. If you didn’t brush your teeth correctly before, please correct it quickly!