Shocked! How to “hide” gynecological inflammation after contracting vaginitis after going to the water park?

Summer high temperature strikes

Water parks and swimming pools become a good place to escape the heat

Summer and fun

but some women after swimming

< p>But I found that suffering from gynecological inflammation

There will be lower body itching, increased leucorrhea, etc.

< p>Screenshots from the Internet

Recently, some netizens shared their personal experiences: After returning from the water park, I felt more and more itching in privacy, and was diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis after seeing a doctor.

normal healthy female vagina to pathogens Intrusion has a natural defense function. However, when the natural defense function is destroyed and the resistance is reduced, such as before and after the menstrual period, after gynecological surgery, after illness, etc., pathogens are easy to invade, andwearing wet for a long time Swimsuits, unclean environments including floors, chairs, lockers, etc. are all potential sources of infection. If a woman sits by the pool and someone with athlete’s foot just walks by, it can cause an infection.

The following people have symptoms such as itching in the private parts and abnormal leucorrhea, and should be more vigilant about gynecological inflammation and seek medical attention in time. After suffering from gynecological inflammation, do not use drugs indiscriminately or delay it, which will make the inflammation worse and more difficult to treat.

  • People with low immunity: such as diabetes, AIDS, abuse of antibiotics, long-term sedentary, etc.;

  • People who don’t pay attention to hygiene:If you don’t change hygiene products or wash your vulva frequently during menstruation, it is easy to cause bacteria to breed;

  • Frequent douches:Frequent douches can disrupt the natural balance of the vagina, leading to disruption of the flora structure;

  • Gynecological operations:Such as uterine cavity surgery, abortion, etc., may cause damage to reproductive organs and induce gynecological inflammation.

After the diagnosis and treatment, be sure to follow the doctor’s advice and adhere to the foot course treatment. If you stop taking the drug on your own, this can easily lead to a recurrence of vaginitis. In addition, some gynecological inflammations need to be treated together by both husband and wife, and the specific treatment method can follow the doctor’s advice.

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