“Shanghai Source Global Tourism Alliance” was established, and the first “Shanghai Bay Area·Shanghai Source” Global Tourism Forum opened

On August 9th, the first (2022) Shanghai Bay Area·Huzhiyuan Global Tourism Forum was officially held in Shanyang Pastoral, Shanyang Town. Launched, this four-day forum aims to provide a platform for cooperation and exchange for governments and cultural and tourism enterprises across the country, and promote the joint construction of local governments and enterprises in different places. On the same day, the People’s Government of Shanyang Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai, the People’s Government of Langya District, Chuzhou City, Anhui Province, the People’s Government of Jigang Town, Dongtai City, Jiangsu Province, the Pu’er City Culture and Tourism Bureau of Yunnan Province, and the Culture and Tourism of Laifeng County, Enshi Prefecture, Hubei Province. The Bureau and 5 units of the People’s Government of Guyuan County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province jointly established the “Shanghai Zhiyuan Global Tourism Alliance”. This signifies that Jinshan has further promoted the in-depth cooperation between agricultural, cultural and tourism enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta and even the whole country, and strives to push the “global tourism” to a deeper stage.

At the same time, the Pu’er intangible cultural heritage living room and the regional brand of Shanghai Bay Area “Shanghai Zhiyuan·Taste” were officially unveiled. The organizer also invited 114 project roadshow guests and high-quality “group leaders”, and adopted the method of “roadshow + auction” on the spot to carry out various high-quality cultural tourism projects through the “group leader”‘s high user stickiness “group channel”. sales and increase the visibility of the product.

Promoting tourism with culture, the six-region cultural “joint teacher” pastoral

With the establishment of “Shanghai Zhiyuan Global Tourism Alliance”, on the same day, Shanghai Bay Area The regional brand “Huzhiyuan·Taste” was officially unveiled, and rattan tea coffee, cactus beer, and Hu Xiaonanshan spring water were officially unveiled. At the same time, special snacks and non-legacy lanterns from Langya, Anhui Province; seafood series products from Zhanggang Town, Dongtai City, Jiangsu Province; quinoa series products from Guyuan County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province; and Laifeng County, Enshi Prefecture, Hubei Province. A variety of characteristic products and intangible cultural heritage projects “compete on the same stage”.

It is worth mentioning that Pu’er City, Yunnan Province has set up an intangible cultural heritage living room in the Shanyang pastoral garden, and traditional culture has become visible , touchable and sensible, make the intangible cultural heritage come alive. Pu’er intangible cultural heritage living room exhibits Pu’er tea, coffee, Wa brocade, black pottery tea utensils, elephant foot drums, and an intangible cultural heritage experience area. Visitors can wear ethnic costumes, make Pu’er tea tribute tea, and feel the leisurely The ancient tea-horse road…

Ji Min, manager of Shanghai Shanyang Tourism Development Co., Ltd. said. The development of Huzhiyuan all-for-one tourism in Shanghai Bay Area aims to give full play to the resource advantages of all parties, coordinate with the “three engines” of rural revitalization, cultural tourism development and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage, extend the industrial chain, and form “industry itself + industry” Application + Industrial Services” related cultural, agricultural and tourism alliances. The two parties will try their best to build a talent exchange platform and stimulate the power of talent innovation; at the same time, through resource sharing, cross-border integration, collaborative development and innovative management, both parties will promote the development and construction of global tourism, rural revitalization, and industrial projects, and jointly set up agricultural cultural tourism projects. traffic platform.

It is understood that the “Huzhiyuan” brand was initially famous for its “Shanghai source” homestay series products. Starting from 2020, Shanyang Town will use 13 farmer’s idle homesteads, introduce social capital to build Huzhiyuan Homestay Street, and open coffee museums, music restaurants, Wangqin bars and other specialty shops. With the development of homestays, Shanyang Tourism Co., Ltd. has developed industrial tourism routes and pioneered the exploration of “global tourism” in conjunction with Shanghai Bay District Science and Technology Innovation Center, Wangqin Craft Beer, Frozen Age Dream Factory, Phoenix Bicycle, Double Happiness and other local Jinshan brands. Version 1.0.

In the future, Shanyang Town will replicate the successful experience of “global tourism” and continue to do a good job in “tourism +” such as “tourism + rural revitalization”, “tourism + music”, “tourism + cultural and creative”, etc. Integrate articles, promote “global tourism” to a higher stage, and maximize the social, economic and ecological benefits of cultural tourism.

Activating cultural “IP” to broaden the global tourism industry chain

The story of Jinshan’s “global tourism” expanding outwards starts with a cup of “vine tea coffee”.

Sitting in the Shanyang Pastoral Coffee Museum, looking out through the glass window, the rattan tea in Enshi Jiusi Farm in Hubei is full of greenery. And rattan tea, known as “Tujia divine tea”, not only “settles down” in Shanyang pastoral gardens, but also blooms gracefully in the taste buds of diners. “Tengcha Coffee” sold well as soon as it was listed. It is reported that this product was jointly developed by Shanghai Shanyang Tourism Development Co., Ltd. and Nongyuan (Enshi) Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., and has derived 5 different flavors. “Tengcha Beer” will also be available soon.

From Hubei Enshi Jiusi Farm to Coffee Museum, from tasting coffee aroma to feeling folk culture, just 200 meters The distance is the “mystery” of “global tourism”. Not only that, Shanyang Pastoral has brought the “IP” of Tujia culture to the extreme. Shanyang Pastoral has opened a long-term sales point of special agricultural products on the ground floor of Xingyuan B&B, set up a one-stop service area for Tujia intangible cultural heritage skills display, observation and experience, and held “Tujia Nannan New Year – Shanghaiwan District (Shanyang)” “Hubei Laifeng Year” activity… Shanghai citizens can experience Tujia culture “immersively” in Jinshan.

Established “Shanghai Zhiyuan Global Tourism Alliance”, This is just the beginning. Shanyang Tourism Development Co., Ltd. also intends to “connect” cultural tourism resources from various places to scenes. With the help of the local rich agricultural tourism and cultural resources, a batch of agricultural tourism boutique itineraries have been developed, such as “Enshi Tujia Boutique Tour” and “Yunnan Pu’er Boutique Tour”. Tourists can not only experience exotic culture “immersively” in the countryside, but also sign up to join Tour groups, go to the local to experience the daily life of local people and feel the primitive nostalgia. At the same time, the team also set up Shanghaiwan District · Shanyang camps in various places, giving the world a window to understand Jinshan, and continued to launch the “Shanghai Bay District” city brand .

Explore the transformation of high-quality “heads” into “new marketing forces” p>

At the forum on the same day, the organizer also invited 114 project roadshow guests and high-quality “group leaders”. The method of “roadshow + auction” was adopted on the spot, and various high-quality cultural and tourism projects were passed through the high level of the “group leader”. User sticky “circle group channel” to sell, improve product popularity.

“The epidemic has spawned the professional group of ‘group leader’, and the customer group of ‘group leader’ with community-based marketing is very strong, new The birth of a career is an opportunity for the market. How to use the advantages of the group leader to empower the development of agricultural, cultural and tourism enterprises under the epidemic is also a topic of discussion in this forum. Lay the foundation. “Shanghai Shanyang Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Deputy Manager Hua Hua told reporters.

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