Refresh your mind and relieve fatigue? The drink sought after by young people will actually only make you fat

Staying up late is the norm for urbanites.

Whether it’s singing K all night, clubbing, or the circle of friends at 3:30 in the morning, “staying up late” has almost become a new fashion,

But the reason why it is deformed , The main reason is that many people clearly know that staying up late is harmful to health, but there are still groups of young people who seem to go crazy and join the “late night stay up faction”.

Why do you need to sleep more before you are alive, and sleep forever after you die?

Many people always think that there will be plenty of opportunities to go to sleep in the future anyway, so why not play while you can? Some people even use coffee, functional drinks, or so-called “late night water” to force themselves to stay refreshed in the middle of the night.

Especially all kinds of functional beverages, always in the name of “recovery state“, “relieve fatigue“, “supplemental nutrition< /strong>“, “Release your energy” and other advertising terms.

As a result, many people will fill up a bottle of energy drink when preparing for battle, hoping that they can become faster and stronger at three in the morning.

But in reality, these energy drinks are just tricking the brain.

Like coffee, tea, and cola, caffeine in functional beverages only acts on the nervous system, instead of adenosine binding to adenosine receptor proteins, thereby “cheating.” “The brain allows you to temporarily dispel sleepiness and forcibly maintain energy.

Once the effect of caffeine is over, the feeling of fatigue is often more serious. Only by getting enough rest can we really eliminate fatigue.

So, if you need caffeine to temporarily refresh your mind and fight the overtime mode of 996, why not just drink a cup of coffee instead?

After all, functional beverages are expensive, and drinking too much will not release your energy, but may even increase your energy—the kind of energy that makes you fat.

Essentially, staying up late is really bad for your body

What are the dangers of staying up late?

First, a large number of brain cells die.

When staying up late, all organs and tissues in the body will continuously “work overtime”, especially the brain needs to operate at a high speed. Over time, a large number of brain cells will die, and in this case, it is easy to make people “stupid”.

In addition, when staying up late, the metabolism will be seriously reduced, which will lead to the body’s illness and rapid aging of the skin.

Second, the organs cannot rest.

All organs and tissues in the body have time for self-repair and detoxification. The liver, kidneys, etc. Every organ will usually repair itself and detoxify itself from 11:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. the next morning.

If you stay up all night for a long time or you still do not fall asleep when your organs are detoxified, it will cause serious harm to multiple organs.

Once the organ function is disordered or damaged, the health will be more seriously endangered.

What needs to be done to minimize the damage of staying up late?

1. Refuse to stay up late

Although many people are involuntarily staying up late, such as often staying up late to study or work overtime, in fact, as long as they can Recognizing the dangers of staying up late, you should think more about your health.

Especially for some teenagers who stay up all night to play games and surf the Internet, it is tantamount to burying hidden dangers in the body.

If you usually stay up late until 12:00, it will not only affect the biological clock, but also may cause irreversible damage to the stomach and eyes. To minimize the damage of staying up late, the simple way is to put down your mobile phone and computer. Staying away from the hazards of online games can avoid the phenomenon of staying up late.

2. Adjust the mentality

Many people stay up late because they think too much. Repeat the same in your own mind, but this practice is not only meaningless, but also affects the quality of sleep.

If things go on like this, it is easy to cause insomnia. In order to prevent the bad damage to the body and mind caused by staying up late, we should start with adjusting our mentality and emotions.

Even sleep supplementation cannot eliminate the harm caused by staying up late

For many young people, sleep supplementation is a life-saving straw after staying up late, and they believe that just a good night’s sleep can eliminate the damage caused by staying up late.

But in essence, sleep supplementation does not eliminate the damage. After staying up late, sleep supplementation still disrupts the normal circadian rhythm of the human body affected by light, and even interferes with the brain’s attention to the work of the upper nucleus, causing various symptoms in the human body. Disorders of nerve and endocrine regulation.

Therefore, stop overdrafting your health! Go to bed early tonight!