Shanghai Anti-epidemic Interview | Xiang Zhun: The number of discharges is greater than the number of admissions as soon as possible

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The Omicron variant is coming, Shanghai is facing the fight against the epidemic big exam. Under the coordination of the Shanghai Working Group of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism Comprehensive Group of the State Council, all forces have been mobilized to participate in the overall fight against the epidemic. In the face of severe situations, persistence is victory. The Health News launched the “Anti-epidemic Interview Records” column, where the Shanghai interview team of the newspaper joined hands with experts from relevant media in all aspects of the epidemic to conduct interviews to jointly answer how to achieve “dynamic clearing” as soon as possible.

Current , Shanghai is further accelerating the construction of makeshift hospitals and strengthening resource planning. Each district taps its potential, smoothes the discharge process, and realizes a positive cycle in which the number of discharges is greater than the number of admissions as soon as possible. Recently, Xiang Zhun, member of the Shanghai Working Group of the Comprehensive Group of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council, and Director of the Information Data Management and Medical Institution Operation Management Division of the National Health Commission’s Medical Management Center, accepted a joint interview with reporters from this newspaper and Xinhua News Agency. The hospital admissions and management were introduced.


Why do Modular hospital?

Xiang Zhun: The source of infection of the new coronavirus pneumonia is mainly the new coronavirus infection, and the infected person is infected during the incubation period It is highly contagious within 5 days of onset. Due to the high number of people infected with the new coronavirus in Shanghai, some infected people could not be admitted to designated hospitals for isolation and treatment in time. Referring to the practical experience of anti-epidemic in Wuhan and other provinces and cities across the country, after a large-scale epidemic occurred, the number of beds in medical institutions in the epidemic area was far from meeting the medical treatment needs of patients infected with the new crown virus, and a temporary hospital was adopted. transitional measures to control the source of infection, cut off transmission routes and protect susceptible populations.


Rebuild or New What are the requirements of the makeshift hospital?

Xiangzhun: At present, Fangcang shelter hospitals mainly focus on treating asymptomatic patients and mild confirmed cases of the new coronavirus, while designated hospitals mainly Focus on the elderly, children, pregnant women and other key groups, as well as critically ill and critically ill patients, so as to implement scientific policies and classified treatment, improve the cure rate and reduce the mortality rate. The construction site of the makeshift hospital should rely on the setting of a single enclosed large-space building, determine the site according to the principles of low social impact and high safety, and have good ventilation, which is convenient for a large number of patients to be quickly and intensively treated.


For transshipment to What kind of treatment methods are mainly used for asymptomatic infected persons and mild cases in Fangcang shelter hospitals?

Xiangquan: When people are infected with the new coronavirus, if their immunity is normal, they can produce specific protective antibodies. For a certain period of time, antibodies protect the body from infection. Omicron variant infections are mainly asymptomatic infections and mild confirmed cases, and most of them do not require excessive treatment. For infected people admitted to Fangcang shelter hospitals, symptomatic treatment and condition monitoring should be done well. If the condition worsens, they should be transferred to designated hospitals for treatment. Asymptomatic infections or mild confirmed cases of the new coronavirus admitted to Fangcang shelter hospitals are generally in good condition. In the event of aggravation or sudden illness, if emergency rescue is required, rescue treatment can be carried out in the emergency room set up in the Fangcang shelter hospital; if a referral is required, the referral mechanism can be made in accordance with the Fangcang shelter hospital and designated hospitals established in Shanghai. Enter the designated hospital for treatment.

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