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Editor’s note: In recent years, Zaozhuang City has steadily and steadily promoted the construction of digital villages. Four cases have been selected as innovative cases of digital villages in Shandong Province, and Zaozhuang has the largest number in the selection of digital village pilot construction in Shandong Province. Zaozhuang also incorporates digital village construction into the city’s 14th Five-Year Plan for social and economic development and its long-term goals for 2035. The Cyberspace Administration of Zaozhuang Municipal Party Committee specially launched the “Digital Village Look at Zaozhuang” column, interpreting characteristic cases, decoding scene creation, and comprehensively displaying the “digital model” of Zaozhuang rural construction.

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The Taierzhuang Global Tourism and Smart Ancient City Project is based on the concept of “tourist-centered, market-oriented”, using advanced information such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and new-generation communication networks. Technology, combined with the actual situation of the ancient city, build an intelligent and efficient information technology support platform, provide refined management services for the ancient city, and provide tourists with intelligent services such as pre-tour consultation and reservation, tour guide during the tour, and post-tour comment evaluation.

Build a comprehensive management platform to realize all-weather management of scenic spots

With the help of the platform, managers can view and schedule the real-time situation of scenic spots through mobile phones. The monitoring system of the scenic spot and surrounding areas, and the drone cruise technology, can grasp the first-hand situation at any time.

Build a smart marketing platform to provide one-stop smart tourism services

Develop a mobile service platform for visiting the ancient city, which integrates the elements of tourists’ travel, food, accommodation, travel, shopping, entertainment and other elements into the smart tourism platform. It not only includes scenic spot information query, ticket information consultation, online ticket booking, hotel booking, travel strategy, food recommendation, weather forecast, etc.; tourists can also get scenic traffic reminders, traffic navigation, smart parking, smart toilets, smart Travel information such as explanations, business recommendations, business promotions, emergency services, etc. After returning, tourists can also leave messages and share travel notes to the scenic spot through the platform.

Develop face recognition system to improve tourist experience

The ticket sales system of the scenic spot adopts face recognition. After booking with real name, tourists can enter the park through face recognition. At the same time, there are more than 120 face recognition cameras in each channel of the scenic spot. In case of emergencies, the target can be located in real time through face tracking, so as to improve the epidemic prevention and riot control level of the scenic spot.

Build a unified payment system for all business formats to promote continuous improvement of service quality

Through the collection and management system, the business management department formulates unified standards for goods and services, unifies categories, quality, and in-out storage, and grasps the flow of goods and the business conditions of merchants. At the same time, a merchant credit system is established to guide tourists to supervise the services of merchants, establish an effective tourist supervision mechanism, and trace the source of goods when there is a problem, so as to improve the service level of merchants in many aspects.

No dead angle monitoring and management system, escorting the safety of tourists

There are more than 1,400 monitoring cameras in the scenic spot, through the intelligent monitoring system, all-weather and all-weather monitoring of the scenic spot Orientation monitoring. Based on the indoor and outdoor APs all over the city, the distribution of tourists in the scenic spot can be grasped through the number of connections of tourists, and the crowded situation can be found, and the emergency plan for people congestion can be activated in time. In order to solve the many problems in the water area in the area, more than 220 water security cameras have been installed to maximize the prevention and intervention of dangerous situations beforehand.

Government-enterprise linkage, integration of advantageous resources, and information interconnection

During major holidays or events, the smart system will pass the Data such as browsing and search, consultation, and ticket reservations of tourists are analyzed in advance, and then reminders are given on holiday traffic estimates, so that relevant departments such as scenic spots, transportation departments, and market departments can make reception plans.

Build a one-card system for cultural tourism in Zaozhuang to give full play to the leading role of the leading city in Taierzhuang.

Build a one-card system to connect the 4A-level and above scenic spots in Zaozhuang, Realize the tourist one-card travel Zaozhuang City 12Home Scenic Area.

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