Sanya’s return air tickets soared and some routes were fused

This article is reproduced from [Sino-Singapore Jingwei];

Sanya released the latest news at 3:00 am on the 6th. From 6:00 am on the 6th, the city will implement temporary global static management. The latest statistics from the flight steward show that after entering August, the price of air tickets from Shanghai to Sanya began to drop across the board, and the air tickets from Sanya back to Shanghai soared to the full price, and some only had business class. In contrast, many domestic cities have even suspended flights from Sanya. For example, there are no tickets available for direct flights between Chengdu and Beijing to Sanya today, and there will be no direct flights from Sanya to Beijing and Chengdu tomorrow. To fly back from Sanya, you can only choose transfer flights.