Sanya, Hainan: Provide half-price extended stay and other service measures for stranded hotel tourists

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CCTV news: Sanya, Hainan is a tourist city. At present, more than 30,000 tourists are stranded in major hotels in the city middle. In this regard, Sanya has introduced measures such as renewal discounts and cancellation guarantees.

Reporter Jin Xinzhu: I am located on Chunguang Road in Sanya City. At the scene, we saw that the traffic police have set up cards at each intersection, prohibiting the random flow of people and vehicles.

Sanya is currently in the peak tourist season. On the afternoon of August 6, the reporter learned from a press conference that Sanya has launched a renewal for stranded tourists. discount.

Ji Duanrong, Secretary General of Hainan Sanya Municipal Government: About 32,000 people currently stranded in Sanya belong to tourists stranded in hotels. For these tourists, hotels can provide stranded tourists with 50% discount on extended stay service. After completing the 7-day risk investigation, tourists can leave the island after assessment.

In the past few days, in addition to routine epidemic prevention measures, some hotels and homestays in Sanya have also provided free anti-epidemic materials for hotel guests and free nucleic acid testing in the store.

Li Shangjun, sales director of a resort hotel in Sanya: For three consecutive days, we invite medical institutions with professional testing capabilities to come to the hotel, Free nucleic acid for hotel guests to relieve the troubles caused by the epidemic. In accordance with relevant requirements, we will provide anti-epidemic materials required for epidemic prevention and control to customers free of charge.

In addition, Sanya has launched a special work mechanism for canceling subscriptions, and properly do a good job of canceling orders due to force majeure factors such as the epidemic.