Romantic Qixi Festival Panyu District Civil Affairs Bureau Marriage Registration Office ushered in a small peak of marriage registration

Dayang Net News August 4th is the traditional Chinese festival “Qixi”, the day when the legendary Cowherd and Weaver Girl meet, known as “Chinese Valentine’s Day”. 2.14″, the 15th day of the first lunar month, “5.20” and other special days will trigger a wave of marriage registration. Many couples in Panyu choose to get married on this “Chinese Valentine’s Day”, hoping that every time they celebrate Valentine’s Day in the future, they will not forget this sacred and beautiful day. On the same day, all appointments for marriage registration at the Marriage Registration Office of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Panyu District were fully booked.

In the morning, the reporter came to the Marriage Registration Office of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Panyu District and saw that here The decoration is brand new, and a festive and warm background is erected at the door. The red and white characters of “Tanabat Valentine’s Day”, “A Lover’s Final Marriage” and “Sweet Confession” are particularly eye-catching, like the scene of a wedding ceremony, festive and festive. The romantic atmosphere made the prospective couples who came to register for marriage take pictures one after another.

At 8:45 in the morning, before going to work, the registration office opened the door in advance to “welcome guests”, and the newlyweds who came to go through the marriage registration procedures In accordance with the requirements of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, and the accompanying personnel, after wearing masks, doing information registration, scanning code, temperature measurement, etc., enter the registration office in batches under the guidance of the staff. Some of the new couples are wearing couples clothes, holding hands, some holding flowers and balloons, or taking fancy selfies at the photo-taking place, or recreating the scene of the marriage proposal, leaving a special commemorative picture for this “Tanabata”, the scene is warm Romantic and happy.

At the registration desk on the third floor, under the guidance of the staff, each pair of Prospective couples who have made an appointment for marriage registration enter the registration room in turn for marriage registration. For prospective newcomers without an appointment, the registration office has also opened a special on-site waiting window for this purpose.

Mr. Zhang and Ms. Pan from Shilou Town told reporters that they had been in love for more than two years and chose to get married this year on the “Tanabata” To register is to want to remember this good day forever.

Mr. Lin and Miss Lin met and fell in love in Guangzhou. They made an appointment to register their marriage on the “Qixi” day one month in advance. “We chose to register our marriage in Panyu on a good day like the ‘Qixi’ Festival, just to start our new life and never forget this ‘Chinese Valentine’s Day’.” Miss Lin, who just received the marriage certificate, looked happy told reporters.

At the registration office, the reporter also saw many couples of parents escorting their children to the registration office to collect their certificates, witnessing their sons or daughters together. time to enter the marriage hall.

“I started to make an online appointment for marriage registration a month ago, for fear of missing this date. My son and daughter-in-law specially chose to receive their marriage on the Qixi Festival. They are happier today, and our parents are happier too.” Watching the children successfully complete the marriage registration and become legal couples, a parent is delighted.

Romantic “Qixi”, in addition to normalized epidemic prevention and control, the Panyu District Marriage Registration Office set up a “Qixi” theme background wall outdoors In addition to increasing the sense of marriage and certificate collection ceremony for the new couples to receive the certificate, the “Emotional Problems-Adjustment Strategy” card-drawing and matching activity and the “Magpie Bridge Meeting” activity of concentric drawing are also carried out on the spot, so that the parties can learn and think about marriage management skills during the activity. At the same time, mobile phone photography training was carried out for staff to improve photography skills and provide warm-hearted photography services for the parties.

Text/Guangzhou Daily Xinhuacheng reporter: Xiao Guilai correspondent Zhong Shiwei Zhang Zhongming

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Photo/Guangzhou Daily Xinhuacheng reporter: Xiao Guilai, Li Bo correspondent Zhong Shiwei and Zhang Zhongming

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