Reminder: These two kinds of foods contain “benzopyrene”, which is often eaten or induces thyroid cancer, and should be avoided early

The thyroid is the largest endocrine organ in the human body, which secretes thyroid hormone and calcitonin. The thyroid controls how quickly it uses energy, makes protein, and regulates the body’s sensitivity to other hormones.


The role of the thyroid< /strong>

1. To maintain growth and development (especially the nervous system), the thyroid is an essential part of human development. Excessive or lack of thyroid hormones will result in Various diseases, when the thyroid hormone is deficient, mainly affects the intelligence and physical development, and can cause cretinism (creatinism). When the adult thyroid function is insufficient, it causes myxedema.

2. Promote metabolism, thyroid hormone can promote substance oxidation, increase glycogen decomposition and utilization, increase oxygen consumption, improve basal metabolic rate, and increase heat production . Therefore, hyperthyroidism has symptoms such as heat intolerance and sweating.

3. Cardiovascular and nervous system effects. When hyperthyroidism occurs, the human body will experience increased cardiac output, increased heart rate, irritability, nervousness and other symptoms.

The number of patients with thyroid-related diseases has been on the rise in recent years. At present, the total prevalence of thyroid diseases in my country is nearly 20%, about one in every five people. Suffering from thyroid disease. Among them, the number of patients with hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and thyroid nodules is mostly.


Understanding the Different Faces of Thyroid Disease< /span>

Symptoms of hypothyroidism: Fear of cold, afraid to take off clothes, shivering in the cold; lethargy, I always feel so tired and sleepy all day long; fatigued, taciturn, lack of energy, and mentally sluggish; sluggish expression, moody, sad inside; dry skin, hard to remove puffiness, rough and dry skin…

Symptoms of hyperthyroidism: Protuberance of the eyes, large and prominent; irritable, irritable and irritable; All thin; sweating a lot and being afraid of heat, usually sweating profusely, and being afraid of heat is very bad; poor sleep quality, insomnia at night, more dreams…

Symptoms of thyroid nodules: Most thyroid nodules are asymptomatic, and some may have a neck mass and hoarseness Wait. Most of them do not need treatment, and those with large nodules or malignant transformation should be surgically removed…

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Reminder: These 2 foods contain “Benzopyrene”, often eaten or induces thyroid cancer, should be avoided early

benzopyrene is a pollutant identified by the World Health Organization , food processing pollution, asphalt pollution, packaging material pollution, environmental pollution, etc., are the main sources of benzoyl compounds in food.


kebabs, kidneys, wings, hearts, chicken treasures , grilled tendons…Drinking beer drinks, eating skewers, and drooling just thinking about it. But did you know? The content of benzopyrene in barbecue is very high.

In the process of roasting meat products, the incomplete combustion of fat and sugar and the scorched food will be accompanied by the growth of bacteria and adhere to the food. The smoke produced by the incomplete combustion of the charcoal fire also contains BaP , The higher the temperature, the longer the time, the higher the amount of production. A large number of studies have shown that long-term eating of barbecue food carcinogens will accumulate in the body, thereby causing lung cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, intestinal cancer and other cancers, and it is also harmful to the thyroid. An injury that leads to thyroid cancer in the long run.

[Fried Food]

Fried food is an irresistible delicacy, but when the oil temperature is too high, the first-class carcinogen benzopyrene will be produced, such as fried products, fried seafood, fried Fruits and vegetables, etc., the ratio of benzopyrene produced under high temperature frying is 88.8ug/kg. Often eating can easily induce cancerous cells, and it will also stimulate the thyroid gland, especially fried food, the content of benzopyrene is greatly increased, and thyroid cancer probability also increased.

So the doctor hereby reminds: BBQ and deep-fried foods contain high levels of benzos, which are often eaten or cause thyroid cancer. Therefore, it is necessary to eat in moderation and less in daily life.

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