Reminder: These 5 abnormalities appear in the body, most of which are signals of the coming of leukemia, and you need to seek medical treatment in time

Leukemia, also known as “blood cancer”, is caused by abnormal hematopoietic stem cells. Leukemia mostly occurs in children and adolescents, and the prognosis is poor. “First Killer”.

However, if leukemia can be detected at an early stage, the cure rate can be significantly improved. Therefore, everyone should be aware of the early signs of leukemia in their lives, so that they can be detected early when the disease occurs. Treat early.

Both men and women, should be alert to the occurrence of leukemia if the following abnormalities occur:

1. Anemia

Leukemia patients are prone to symptoms of anemia due to impaired production of red blood cells in the body, mainly manifested as pallor, pale skin and nails strong>And other symptoms, in severe cases, there may be dizziness, fatigue and other symptoms, and after a little exercise, there may be palpitations, shortness of breath and other symptoms.

These symptoms can easily be mistaken for malnutrition or overwork, thus missing the best time to treat the disease and should be paid enough attention.

2. Repeated fever

After leukemia occurs, a large number of leukemia cells will appear in the body, and these cells themselves can stimulate the body to produce pyrogenic substances, causing fever.

In addition, leukemia cells have a inhibitory effect on normal white blood cell growth, and the patient’s immune function is low, resulting in the body’s resistance to germs. Decreased resistance can easily induce various infections, such as tonsillitis, pneumonia, etc., and also cause symptoms of fever.

If you have been having unexplained fever recently, and the effect of drug treatment is not good, it should be paid enough attention.

3. Abnormal bleeding

Leukemia cells must inhibit the formation of platelets, resulting in a decrease in the number of platelets in the blood. Once the capillaries are damaged, it is difficult to repair and cause bleeding. Abnormal proliferation of leukemia cells can infiltrate surrounding blood vessels and tissues, resulting in rupture of blood vessels, damage to tissues and organs, and bleeding.

As a result, leukemia patients often experience abnormal bleeding, such as nosebleeds, mouth bleeds, skin bleeds, and more.

4. Unexplained swelling

The leukemia cells will first malignantly proliferate in the bone marrow. As the disease progresses, they can infiltrate into other tissues and organs, causing unexplained swelling in some parts of the body, such as Swollen lymph nodes, unilateral testicular swelling, etc., because the pain symptoms are not obvious, this symptom is easy to be ignored. For unexplained swelling of the body, it is necessary to have an immediate examination to determine the cause.

5. Joint pain

Leukemia can also cause symptoms of bone pain because leukemia cells invade the cortex and adjacent tissuescaused by weaving. If a child at home complains of joint pain, parents should not take it lightly and pay enough attention to it. In addition, if an infant develops leukemia, due to the inability to speak, it may manifest as abnormal walking and sleeping position, which should also cause Pay attention to.

The symptoms of leukemia are complex and diverse, and many of the symptoms are easily confused with other diseases and difficult to detect. Therefore, everyone should pay special attention in life. When the above symptoms appear, they should not be taken lightly. Go to the hospital for inspection in time.

The incidence of leukemia is high in children. Parents and friends should pay special attention to their children’s health, especially children with a family history of tumors. Parents should take their children to the hospital for regular check-ups. Pay attention to a healthy diet, avoid giving children high-sugar, high-fat and other foods, develop a healthy routine, enhance physical fitness, and prevent the occurrence of diseases.