Remind the middle-aged and the elderly: eat less rice noodles and pork in summer, eat more of these three, and be full of vitality throughout the summer

After falling into the ambush, the weather is getting hotter and hotter. In such an uncomfortable environment, loss of appetite and irritability are normal. Not only that, but the elderly are also prone to “bitter summer”. How to solve the bitter summer? Tell you today.

Should middle-aged and elderly people eat less rice, noodles and meat in summer?

Professor from the Department of Nutrition, Beijing Medical University said: In summer, people sweat a lot, drink a lot of water, and lose minerals in their bodies quickly. Often eating rice noodles is not only nutritionally incomplete, but also consumes a lot of carbohydrates. Be nutritionally balanced.

But it is not recommended to eat meat frequently. Excessive intake of high-fat meat will not only lead to body deformation, but also easily lead to the accumulation of lipids and fats in the blood, which will increase the burden on blood vessels and cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Reminder for middle-aged and elderly people: Eat less rice noodles and pork in summer, eat more of these three, and you will be full of vitality throughout the summer

One: Tremella

Tremella is a very nutritious ingredient. Eating more Tremella can clear the lungs and detoxify, and can also protect the stomach and intestines , reduce the burden on the stomach and eliminate the heat and moisture of the body, so that the body can feel very comfortable in hot summer, away from the invasion of dryness and heat.

Two: Olive Oil

Now every household is using large Soybean oil and corn oil for cooking, these vegetable oils are rich in saturated fatty acids. Saturated fatty acids are harmful fats. Excessive intake will block blood vessels and cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

But the demand for edible oil is still very high, and it is necessary to choose a healthy edible oil. Here we recommend an edible oil “treasure” – olive oil.

Olive oil is called “liquid gold”, which shows its preciousness. Olive oil is rich in various nutrients Substances, such as: monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamin B, vitamin D and vitamin E, etc.

“Bei Kang Yuan” olive oil is extra virgin olive oil with guaranteed quality, using the most advanced cold pressing technology, without any chemical treatment, completely retaining the original All the nutrients in the fruit, especially in midsummer, perfectly fit the situation that the nutrition of middle-aged and elderly people cannot keep up.

Using “Beikangyuan” olive oil instead of household cooking oil every day, the ingredients are fresh and not afraid of oxidation, and the aroma is full of fragrance, which is very suitable for people of all ages to eat.

Three: Lily

Lily must be eaten in summer, Lily not only has the effect of beauty and beauty, but also helps to expel excess waste toxins in the body, and nutrients reach the lungs, which has the effect of clearing the lungs and moisturizing the lungs, ensuring that the health of middle-aged and elderly people is maintained at the standard line.

Four: Kelp

It is very easy to sweat in summer, and Potassium is lost through sweat. Kelp is rich in potassium, which can not only maintain the acid-base balance of the human body, but also help reduce the three highs, strengthen the heart, prevent blood clots, etc., which is very beneficial to health and health care.

It is hot in summer to avoid the burden on blood vessels, so eat less of these “3 types” of food

1. Cold food

Although the weather is hot in summer, everyone should pay more attention to eating less cold and cold foods, as it will increase the burden on the stomach and increase the humidity in the body. In addition, mung beans, sugar cane, bamboo shoots and white radish are all cold foods, and people with heavy humidity must eat less.

2.Greasy food

The diet in summer must be light, If you often ingest high-greasy, high-calorie foods such as pork belly, braised pork and barbecue, it is not easy to digest, and it will also damage the spleen and stomach.

3. Salt-heavy foods

The daily salt intake of an adult should be controlled at 4-6 grams, and excess will lead to Excessive intake of sodium ions in the blood leads to water and sodium retention and increased blood flow. The kidneys cannot metabolize normally, thereby increasing the burden on blood vessels and increasing blood pressure.

People are inseparable from three meals a day. If we work hard on our diet, we will not only fill our stomachs, but also supplement nutrition, and we will have a healthy and healthy life for a whole year., why not do it?