Remind middle-aged and elderly people: Eat less chicken in Tianhan, but eat these 5 kinds often, and your legs and feet will be strong and you can walk like flying

Time flies like a white horse, and in a blink of an eye it is the coldest winter month of the year again. At this time, it is like a “big test” for middle-aged and elderly people. Having experienced the “torture” of most winters, the smart middle-aged and elderly people have begun to adjust their diets, keep out the cold and take care of themselves in order to pass this year’s “hurdle” smoothly and safely.

As a cheap meat and poultry chicken, it has become the first choice of many middle-aged and elderly people. Are you too? In fact, although chicken is affordable, it is generally frozen meat in supermarkets. It is easy to breed harmful substances after thawing back and forth, which does more harm than good to middle-aged and elderly people with weak constitutions. It’s better to eat these 5 things, “escort” is a good helper.

1. Red dates

No matter how different the food culture is from the north to the south, red dates can always be seen on the winter table. Although it is usually used as an ingredient in porridge and soup, it is sweet and mild, and it is a “big family” of nourishment in winter, and people love it very much.

In fact, in addition to eating red dates directly, making Seven Degrees Fang Yiyan Cake can better reflect its edible value . It seems to be “tailor-made” food for middle-aged and elderly people. It uses mild and nourishing red dates as the main raw material, and then it is handmade into pastries that are popular with middle-aged and elderly people, allowing you to enjoy delicious food while maintaining your health.

In addition to red dates, Seven Degrees Yiyan Cake is also based on the physical needs of middle-aged and elderly people, Peanuts, red beans, wolfberry and other ingredients are also added. A variety of nutrients complement each other, and a small piece is full of essence, which is really good as a winter pastry.

Second, Bass

In the cold winter, all things have the habit of hibernating to nourish their bodies. Bass is no exception. It will suspend eating in winter and rely on the large amount of nutritional energy it ingested to survive the winter. Therefore, the sea bass of this period is plump and has a light fishy smell. It is very suitable for middle-aged and elderly people. Don’t miss it.

When you get older, your daily diet should be light, and steamed sea bass is the most suitable. Remove the sundries from the fresh sea bass, add ginger cooking wine to remove the fishy smell, then steam on medium-high heat for 15 minutes, put the scallion and steamed fish bean drum on it, and pour the hot oil to fully stimulate the sweetness of the fish. One bite, the fish meat is firm and delicate, very delicious.

Third, mung bean

“Qi will be in the small green and red frame, it is a pity to see this house standing tall”. What this describes is “Sijibao” mung beans. Don’t say it is “exclusive” in summer. For middle-aged and elderly people who stay in the heating room every day, it can effectively help the body reduce dryness and remove internal fire, which can be regarded as a “treasure” in winter.

Mung beans can only make soup? In fact, the made Sanchuan Guifang Green Cake tastes even better. It uses mung beans as raw materials, and then adds green raisins, dandelions and other natural ingredients.

Mung bean cake on the market The difference is that Sanchuan Guifang Green Cake is sweet but not greasy. Based on traditional cakes, it takes its essence and removes its dross. It abandons sucrose and uses natural honey to neutralize the sweetness, which will not bring any harm to the body. Extra burden, middle-aged and elderly people can eat it with confidence.

Fourth, corn

As the age increases, the gastrointestinal function gradually declines, and it is still fine Rice noodles are likely to be a burden on the body for middle-aged and elderly people. It is better to occasionally use corn instead of rice noodles in three meals a day, which is low in calories and rich in nutrition.


Corn can not only be used as a substitute for staple food, but also sweeter when made into corn juice. Peel off the fresh corn pieces, put them in water and boil them for 15 minutes, let them cool, remove them, and use a juicer Grind it into a paste, and finally filter it with a colander. The rich and sweet corn juice is very friendly to friends with bad teeth.

5. Black beans

In the dietary philosophy of the older generation, soybeans are usually the nutritional supplement in beans. The first choice for charging. In fact, in terms of nutrition, black beans are the “king of beans”. Because they have nutrients that other beans do not have, they are slightly better, and are more suitable for middle-aged and elderly people in winter.

It is most direct to make black beans into soy milk, but it is time-consuming and laborious. It is better to choose Sanchuangui black soybean milk powder. It not only has black beans, the “leading” among beans, but also black rice, a grain that middle-aged and elderly people need to supplement. Multiple nutrients can better maintain the body.

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Moreover, with Sanchuangui black soybean milk powder, you no longer have to worry about slow dissolution and residues . It comes in individual aliquots. No more, no less, one bag is exactly one cup, and the fine powder can be opened in one shot, which is convenient and worry-free. Have a cup in the morning to keep you energetic all day long.

Tips: After getting older, the health of middle-aged and elderly people is not as good as before, so they should pay special attention in the cold winter months. The above 5 kinds of natural ingredients can be eaten often. It is true to save money and worry if you are healthy. Don’t be confused at this age!