After the age of 60, drinking good wine is worse than quitting alcohol! These 4 wine lovers recognized as “conscience wine” can drink at ease

After the age of 60 is the age when many people’s careers come to an end, but after the age of 60, many preferences will be restricted. Based on the starting point of caring for the health of this group of people, the family let them change their youthful habits. habit.

One can imagine how difficult it is to get used to drinking.

< span>Actually, in the eyes of nutritionists, abstaining from alcohol after the age of 60 is worse than drinking good wine! These 4 “conscience wines” recognized by wine lovers, you can drink with confidence.

Jianzhuang Gaoguang

Jianzhuang wine is a ration wine that was highly sought after by drinkers in the Luzhou-flavor liquor market. It is produced in Sichuan Province and is the most famous in Sichuan Province. It belongs to Wuliangye. Many people don’t know that although Jianzhuang Gaoguang is positioned at the ration level, it is a direct product of Wuliangye. It is well-known and has a strong background in first-line liquor brands.

Jianzhuang Gaoguang brewing inherits the 5 kinds of grains brewed by Wuliangye as raw materials. It is brewed by ancient method of Luzhou-flavor liquor. The taste of the finished wine is the classic Sichuan style Luzhou-flavor taste. .

Red Star Blue Eight

Red Star Erguotou was established in 1949. Its original intention was to provide wine drinkers with high cost-effective rations. Now it has been more than 70 years.

< span>Take this Lanba as an example. From the body of the bottle, you can see the upgrade of its taste – soft, and Red Star Lanba is brewed according to the ancient Erguotou brewing process, adhering to the premise of pure grain brewing, Adhering to the original intention of pricing close to the people, it is a well-deserved “wine of conscience”, so you can drink with confidence.

Master Han Dong Wine (Zhiyu)

Maujiang-flavored wine has become extremely popular in the baijiu circle in recent years. The over-popularity has brought about the rise in the price of soy-flavored wine, making old wine lovers want to taste it A sip of Maotai-flavored wine is limited by the price. However, there are still many niche Maotai-flavored wines on the market due to little publicity, low brand awareness, low product premium, and high cost performance. This Han Dong Master Wine (Zhiyu) It is one of the high-quality niche sauce wines.

< span>It is brewed using the authentic 12987 craft. Because the winery is established in the core production area of ​​Maotai Town, it has the advantages of raw materials, climate and geographical conditions for brewing, and has created a generation of high-quality Kunsha wine. The brewer is rated as “Chinese Maotai Wine Master”. He has studied and brewed Maotai-flavored wine for dozens of years, and has been in contact with Maotai and Diaoyutai two major sauce wine companies, making Han Dong Master Wine (Zhiyu) brewed by everyone. Its strengths are excellent quality, suitable for daily drinking by people over 60 years old.

Huang Gai Bofen

Although the brand value of Fenjiu in the baijiu market is not as high as that of Moutai and Wuliangye, these two brand liquors have to bow down and say hello when they see Fenjiu. Fenjiu is the soul of liquor in China Without Fenjiu, there would not be many brand-name liquors on the market. However, Fenjiu has always focused on high cost performance, and has won a lot of praise in the wine circle.

The leader of ration wine under Fenjiu is “Daoming 32” yellow cover glass Fen. Its unique taste has been created by its craftsmanship, but its taste can always make wine drinkers get lost in it, so that Fragment, for old drinkers, this wine has been fresh for decades, so you can drink it with confidence.

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The above 4 wines are recognized as “conscience wines” by wine lovers. If people over the age of 60 can control their intake, drinking these 4 wines can not only satisfy their appetite, but also reduce the damage to the body.< /p>