Remind men: after the age of 60, if you can do 3 things well, congratulations, it means that your body is not bad

For most men, the age of 60 is the dividing line between youth and aging. With the living conditions getting better and better, health preservation has gradually become the focus of people’s attention However, the coming of 60 years old has become less scary. What is more important is self-adjustment in order to more calmly solve the inconvenience caused by aging.

According to the difference in personal physique, each person’s maintenance method is also different, so there are many elderly people with good physical fitness around us , They generally also have some common characteristics, which always affect their own physical condition. Male friends may wish to test themselves, if they can do 3 things, it means that their physical fitness is very good.

1. Good sleep quality

When people get older, their sleep time will decrease accordingly, and they will not sleep well. Many dreams and waking up, so if the quality of sleep is still very good after the age of 60, and there is no difficulty in falling asleep, then it means that your physical foundation is still very good.

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Aiming at the sleep problems of men after getting older, you can eat a grain of Sanchuan Gui Suanzaoren before going to bed Pills are used to adjust accordingly. It combines nourishing ingredients such as jujube seed, poria cocos, lotus seeds, and sealwort, all of which have the effect of nourishing the heart and calming the nerves. It is then made into balls with honey, which are small and exquisite, and are very convenient to eat.

For men, the sweet and sour taste of Sanchuangui Suanzaoren Pill will not Too thick, there is no too much sweetness when eating, and the refreshing taste is easier to be accepted by the public. Eat two a day, and the body and mind can be more relaxed.

2. Exercise is effortless

As the age increases, the physical strength of male friends will not be as good as before, and many things will easily become powerless, let alone Talk about daily exercise. Therefore, if male friends can maintain the habit of exercising, and activities such as going up and down stairs and climbing mountains are not strenuous, it means that their physical fitness is still very good, and their posture will be relatively younger.

3. Good appetite

Under the premise of good physical fitness, the human body The metabolic rate will not be too slow, so there will be no indigestible food. Men over 60 years old, if their gastrointestinal and digestive systems are functioning normally and their bodies are strong, they will naturally have a big appetite for every meal, and they will also have a full appetite for various delicacies.

Male friends who often have indigestion or loss of appetite, you can always keep Qidufang Hawthorn PillsCome to eat, it not only has hawthorn elements that promote digestion, but also adds nourishing ingredients such as gallinaceous gold and jujube on this basis, which has a more significant effect on the maintenance of the stomach and further improves the taste.

On the other hand,< The sweet and sour taste of strong>Qidufang Hawthorn Pills can also help relieve greasyness. Male friends can also eat two pills after eating some meaty foods to eliminate the greasy feeling and make the body more comfortable.

In addition, it is recommended that men insist on 2 things, which can greatly help the improvement of physical and mental state

1. Maintain a good attitude

The older you get, the more important it is to adjust your mentality. Maintaining an optimistic and positive emotional state can not only look at things from a more tolerant perspective, but also relax yourself, just like “smile, ten years less” , Let yourself be in a positive emotion for a long time, often the whole person’s physical and mental state will become healthier and lighter, and naturally you will not easily feel irritable, and you will not feel physically uncomfortable due to external stimuli.

2. Eat more whole grains

As you grow older, your body’s nutrition Supplementation becomes very important. After the age of 60, men can no longer think about being careless when they are young. They should also obtain various nutrients from their diet, especially eat more coarse grains that help the body to digest. Nutrition is of great help to the improvement of physical condition.

Coarse grains can be eaten in a wide range, not limited to porridge and steamed rice, you can also trySeven degrees square five black cake , it uses several kinds of black coarse grains mainly black sesame to supplement the nutrients needed by men, and regular consumption can have a better nourishing effect.

Although it is a pastry, Seven degrees square five black cake also does not add Any essence, sucrose, pure natural ingredients and low-calorie maltose flavoring, the light and refreshing sweetness is just right for older male friends, so you can eat without worry.

Summary: A person’s physical condition will change with age, but he can delay his own aging by adjusting some daily behaviors, so it is recommended that men Friends, with a positive attitude and good living habits, improve your physical and mental condition, and enjoy your old age more comfortably.