Remind everyone: Enter Dongyue, no matter rich or poor, eat more “Dongyue 5 Treasures”, auspicious and good fortune

“At the beginning of winter, there is an auspicious image, and it is cold and crisp and silent at night.” Time flies, and in a blink of an eye, it has entered the cold winter months that people often say, which also starts the coldest three months of the year. Although the north and the south are both under the winter moon, one side is warm and the other is snowing. It seems that our life is full of joys and sorrows.

It has been recorded many times in ancient books that “the grass is dead in winter, and the six dragons are bald in the west”, which shows the “power of cold winter” “It’s big. Therefore, in order to make people feel comfortable and warm through this difficult winter, we should eat according to the seasons, eat more “Dongyue 5 Treasures”, and keep the body from the cold from the inside out, so that we can survive the winter smoothly and safely.

“Five Treasures of Winter Moon”—Red Dates

“It is a beautiful fruit in reality, and a good wood in terms of material”, whether it is in the poems of literati In the records of Xinglin, red dates are often seen. It is recognized as the best nourishing fruit in cold winter, so it is called “the first fruit in cold winter”.

In addition to making porridge and chewing red dates, it is also very good to make Seven Degrees Fang Yiyan Cake. It is inspired by the “five red soup” that people often use to keep out the cold in winter. On this basis, it is reasonably improved. The raw materials include not only red dates, but also red beans, wolfberry and peanuts, which is more suitable for the physical needs of modern people.

More intimately, there is no sucrose added in Qidu Fangyiyan Cake, but natural Maltose neutralizes the taste, sweet but not greasy, and at the same time, there is no need to worry about the physical burden caused by the lack of activity in winter and excessive sugar intake, which is very humane.

“5 Treasures of Winter Moon”—Yam

After stepping into Winter Moon, the weather officially turns from “cold to cold”, and the human body needs to consume a lot Yang Qi to keep out the cold, so it is necessary to eat some warming and tonic yams. As a root material, it gathers the essence of the earth, and its nutritional value is self-evident, and it is called “the food of the gods”.

Sweet and tender yams can be made in various ways and have different flavors. However, it is most suitable for eating in cold winter when it is made into yam pork ribs porridge. The ribs are marinated one night in advance for preparation, the yam is peeled and cut into small pieces, and then the washed rice and the previous two ingredients are put into the pressure cooker, poured in an appropriate amount of water, and pressed for 20 minutes. It is wonderful to drink a bowl in winter Ya!

“Five Treasures of Winter Moon” – Frost Mulberry Leaves

In winter when the wind is howling, animals and plants have entered hibernation, and people are too lazy to move . It seems comfortable and comfortable, but it is not good for the long-term development of the body. However, the frost mulberry leaf, which has the reputation of “immortal leaf”, can neutralize this situation well.

Frosted mulberry leaves are a rare edible food, you can stock up on some Sanchuan Guifang Green Cake. It is composed of frost mulberry leaves, mung beans, green raisins and other natural ingredients that help the body metabolize. It can improve the “negative state” brought to the body by sitting still for a long time.

Moreover, Sanchuan Guifang Green Cake runs through the “green” principle throughout the whole process. Not only are the raw materials all from natural sources, but even the production process is selected and kneaded by hand to maximize the ingredients while retaining nutrition. No matter the taste or color, there is no extra manual intervention, so you can eat more at ease.

“Dongyue 5 Treasures” – Rice Wine

“Green Ant New Fermented Wine, Red Clay Small Stove” is not only modern, people also have it in ancient times In winter, drink some wine to warm up and keep out the cold. Snow was falling outside the window, and two or three friends in the room had a long night of chatting with warm wine, cozy and comfortable.

Especially the rice wine with a long history. Because it is rich in nutrients, drinking it in moderation in winter can help the body effectively dispel the cold and warm up, and the benefits are countless. It should be noted that yellow rice wine is suitable for drinking warm, preferably at a temperature of around 40 degrees. If possible, it can be paired with some dark plums, which will complement each other and have a special taste.

“Five Treasures of Winter Moon” – Black Rice

“Black is bright and spotless, not a size or an inch or a hundred centimeters”, this is the folk population Legendary riddles. Its answer is a kind of extremely nutritious grain, and it is also a holy food for nourishing kings in the past. Can you guess it? That’s right, it is black rice, also known as “Gongmi”.


But the texture of black rice is hard, and it takes a lot of energy to make it. It is better to choose Sanchuangui black soybean milk powder. Its raw materials are not only black rice, which is praised by everyone, but also the blessing of black beans, the “king of beans”. “Escort” “good helper”.

Moreover, Sanchuangui Black Soybean Milk Powder can satisfy people’s need to sleep a little longer in the cold morning” Little luck”. It is individually packaged in the same amount, and one bag is just as good as a cup, which is very convenient and hygienic. Delicate silty, save time and worry when opened immediately. Have a cup in the morning to wake up the sleeping body, warm the stomach and warm the heart.

Tips: “The river is less chilly, and the winter moon is still raining.” A beautiful scene shocked people’s hot hearts. Although it is cold in winter, we must learn to enjoy it, adjust our diet and eat “Dongyue 5 Treasures” often, so that we can spend this year comfortably and smoothly.