In the ranking of the four major blood types, the average age of blood type B is 77 years old, ranking second, which one is the first?

The components of blood are basically similar, but there are differences in many tissues. According to the blood types of all people in the world, there are about 8 blood types. The blood types that flow in each person’s body come from our genetic inheritance. The most common is the ABO blood type, which is what we often call the four major blood types: A, B, AB, and O.

People have never stopped research on blood types, and found that different blood types are related to personality constitution, life expectancy, health, etc. Each blood type has its own advantages and disadvantages, so among the four major blood types, which blood type has a longer life span?

First of all, let’s understand how blood type is inherited?

The baby’s blood type gene is provided by a pair of tadpoles and eggs from the parents one of the genes. If the father’s blood type is B, the gene he controls is BO. A pair of BO genes are separated from each other when spermatozoa are formed, and they enter into tadpoles with B gene and O gene respectively.

If the mother’s blood type is A, the gene controlled by it is AO, which is formed during the process of egg formation An egg with the A gene and an egg with the O gene.

When The following four situations will occur during fertilization:

1. If the tadpole with the B gene Combined with an egg with the O gene, the fetus with the BO genotype is B type.

2. If the tadpole with the B gene combines with the egg with the A gene, the AB genotype will be formed The blood type of the fetus is AB.

3. If the tadpole with the O gene combines with the egg with the A gene to form a tadpole of the AO genotype The blood type of the fetus is A.

4. If a tadpole with the O gene combines with an egg with the O gene to form a tadpole of the OO genotype The baby’s blood type is O.

Four major blood types On the ranking list, the average age of blood type B is 77 years old, ranking second, which one is the first?

First place: Type O blood

O blood type is a blood type we are more familiar with, and O blood type is more dominant than other blood types. People with type O blood have stronger resistance, and they are not easy to catch colds at ordinary times. It is rare to hear that people with type O blood suffer from illnesses.

O blood type is called “universal blood type”, it can give blood transfusion to all blood types, of course this It’s just that in theory, type O blood contains both a antibody and B antibody, and people with type O blood have a relatively long life expectancy, with an average life expectancy of about 85 to 87 years.

But be aware that people with blood type O usually suffer from gastrointestinal diseases, especially gastric ulcers. duodenal ulcer etc. In addition, people with blood type O are very prone to sub-health, so they must learn to work and rest in peacetime.

Second place: Type B blood

A number of studies have also shown that blood type B people have more vigorous hormone secretion and metabolic rate, which is beneficial to reduce the accumulation of garbage toxins in brain nerve cells, stomach and intestines and accumulation in tissues such as blood vessel walls, and expel these harmful substances from the body fasteroutside. The average age of people with blood type B is about 78 years old.

In addition, people with type B blood have a better digestive system, so food intake and Energy consumption is directly proportional, but according to research data, people with type B blood have a higher obesity rate, so it is recommended that people with type B blood eat more foods rich in dietary fiber to avoid fat accumulation in the body.

Third place : Type AB blood

AB blood type is produced after the fusion of type A blood and type B blood , this is a new blood type.

A study was published in the famous journal “The Lancet” in 2016, which showed that AB blood type Compared with other blood types, the risk of suffering from thrombosis is the highest, accounting for about 20% of the etiology of thrombosis, and the life expectancy is about 70 years old.

Fourth Place: Blood Type A

Patients with blood type A are often susceptible to psychological changes. As the saying goes, a person’s mentality has a very serious impact on his life, Generally speaking, people with AB blood type are vulnerable to psychological attacks. If they have poor psychological endurance, they will be depressed all day long, which can easily lead to liver depression and affect their health.

Through a large number of comparative studies, many medical scientists have found that the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in people with blood type A The rate is higher than other blood types, because the blood viscosity of type A blood is relatively high, so people with type A blood should eat less greasy food.

Extension——Can dripping blood really be used to test relatives?

Have you often seen the scene of bloody confession in TV dramas? It is said that the blood fusion is considered a parent-child relationship, so can a blood drop really be used for a parent-child test?

There are records in ancient forensic works, but they are not accurate. why? This starts with the blood type, which is generally referred to as the ABO blood type, namely A, B, AB, and O, which are classified according to the surface antigens of red blood cells.

Specific blood type, specific antigen on red blood cell membrane, different antibodies in serum, same type Antigens and antibodies of the same blood type can be combined, so that red blood cells can be deposited due to the increase in weight. This phenomenon only occurs when blood of different blood types is mixed, but blood of the same blood type can be fused without antigen binding to antibodies.

The world is so big, there are tens of thousands of people with the same blood type, how can we recognize relatives only by a drop of blood Woolen cloth?

As far as the human body is concerned, there are many factors that can affect life expectancy, and blood type is only a very small one. Although some studies have found that people with O blood type have a higher probability of longevity, this can only be used as a reference factor.

If you want to get a healthy body and live longer, you still have to start with good habits in all aspects of life .