Remember these 4 points to guide children away from myopia

Children’s eye health has always been a concern for many parents. So, in daily life, how should parents guide their children to prevent and control myopia?

1. Control the use time of electronic products

Try to control the time children use electronic products . It is necessary to consciously guide children, especially preschool children, when using electronic products. The use of electronic products for non-learning purposes should not exceed 15 minutes at a time and should not exceed 1 hour per day.

After using electronic products to study for 30-40 minutes, guide children to develop the habit of looking far and relaxing, and let their eyes rest for at least 10 minutes. The younger the child, the shorter the continuous use of electronic products should be.

2. Develop good eye habits

As a parent, you must help your child Develop the “three ones” reading and writing posture: “When writing homework, the eyes should be one foot away from the book (about 30cm), the body should be about one fist away from the desk (about 6cm), and the fingers holding the pen should be about one inch away from the tip of the nose (about 3cm). ).

Do not let children read books or use electronic products in shaking cars, dim light, etc.

3. Ensure sufficient sleep and nutrition

Try to ensure that children have sufficient sleep time every day. Primary school students sleep 10 hours a day, and junior high school students 9 hours, and 8 hours for high school students.

Guide children to develop the eating habits of not being picky eaters or partial eclipses, drinking less dessert drinks, and eating more foods that are good for the eyes, such as Carrots, cabbage, broccoli, oranges, etc.

4. Do more Outdoor sports

The “Guidelines for the Prevention of Myopia in Children and Adolescents During the Epidemic of New Coronary Pneumonia” issued by the National Health Commission mentioned that it is necessary to increase children’s outdoor activities and promote Increase outdoor exercise in open, ventilated, and less crowded places.

Playing badminton, walking, playing basketball, and playing football are all good outdoor activities. During exercise , as the line of sight continues to change, its ciliary muscles continue to contract and relax, which can effectively relieve eye fatigue, slow down the progress of myopia, and maintain Protect eyesight and effectively prevent the occurrence of myopia.