Can I use my mobile phone after myopia surgery? Postoperative Care Guidelines

After myopia surgery, can I still play “Wang Zhe”?

For contemporary young people, Wang Zhe, Eat Chicken, and LOL are indispensable relaxants after busy work and study.

In the daily myopia surgery clinic, I heard many people “asking”, can I use my mobile phone after myopia surgery?

Can I still play “Wang Zhe” and indulge in it for an hour? ?

After myopia surgery, although the impact on daily life is small, there is still a recovery time, and there are some behavioral restrictions during this period.

Usually, 1-3 months after surgery is the recovery period. During the recovery period, pay attention to “don’t fatigue your eyes”, “avoid strenuous exercise” or “impact the eyes” “It is normal to have mild dry eyes, and the symptoms will gradually disappear over time.

Can I use my mobile phone after myopia surgery?

After the reexamination on the 2nd day after the operation, if there is no abnormality after the doctor’s judgment, the patient can study and live normally, including watching mobile phones and computers OK.

However, moderate use of electronic products is required. Considering that patients are prone to eye dryness in the early stage after surgery, and playing games can easily cause visual fatigue, patients need to pay attention to control Good game time.

Under normal circumstances, it takes 30-40 minutes to watch the screen. It is recommended to stop and let the eyes rest for 10 minutes.

Many people want to go directly to the hospital to take off their glasses during the weekend. In fact, myopia surgery is not something you can do if you want to.

Professional eye hospitals need to complete a complete set of detailed and complete eye examinations before performing myopia surgery, including vision measurement, intraocular pressure measurement, corneal thickness, corneal curvature, More than 20 items including mydriatic optometry, eye position inspection, and axial length inspection.

Only under the doctor’s comprehensive assessment and ensuring that the patient is eligible for surgery, the doctor will formulate a suitable surgical plan according to the patient’s eye condition.

You can play mobile phones moderately after myopia surgery, but you must not do these things!

1. Keep dirty water out of your eyes.

It is okay to wash your face and hair during the postoperative recovery period, but be careful not to let the foam of shampoo or facial cleanser or dirty water get into your eyes.

2. Don’t rub your eyes.

Rubbing the eyes is one of the prohibited behaviors after surgery and must be avoided. If your eyes feel dry, you can relieve them with eye drops prescribed by your doctor.

3. Don’t wear eye makeup.

Basic facial skin care is enough for one week, but it is recommended to wait until three months for eye makeup to avoid eye infection during the recovery period.

4. Do not participate in strenuous confrontational sports.

In the early postoperative period, many friends want to participate in physical exercise, jogging, yoga, etc. This is okay, but please pay attention not to participate in strenuous confrontational sports within 3 months , such as boxing, etc., to avoid damage caused by external forces during the eye recovery period.

What should I do after surgery?


Pay attention to the time of high-intensity eye use, so that the eyes can get enough rest, avoid Excessive fatigue;


Pay attention to eye posture, keep appropriate eye distance and angle, those who love to lie on their stomachs, Friends who are lying down or playing with their mobile phones need to pay attention;


Pay attention to the eye environment, The light should be moderately bright and evenly distributed. At the same time, the light source should be stable and not flickering. You cannot use your eyes in a dark environment.

For friends after myopia surgery, if you want to recover well, you must follow the doctor’s advice after the operation, “take medication on time” and “regular review”.