Red dates and brown sugar do not nourish blood. Reminder: These 4 foods really nourish blood. Don’t eat it wrong next time

Introduction: There are many people who are anemic in daily life, and there are not a few people who want to replenish blood. Most people think that the more red food you eat, the better the effect of nourishing blood, such as brown sugar and red dates.

Although foods such as brown sugar and red dates are red in appearance, they actually do not contain much iron. If the human body lacks iron, iron deficiency anemia will occur, soIf you want to replenish blood, you need to supplement iron, so as to have a better effect.

What are the factors that cause anemia?

1, Malnutrition. Malnutrition anemia is a very common anemia phenomenon, many female friends will control their own diet. I dare not touch some high-fat and high-calorie foods, and support some vegetable salads all day long, which will lead to iron-deficiency anemia or anemia caused by vitamin deficiency.

2, excessive blood loss. Excessive blood loss is also a common cause of anemia, such as gastrointestinal bleeding, hemorrhoids, gastrointestinal polyps, tumors, blood in the stool, etc. can cause anemia, so people with severe anemia It is necessary to pay attention to the investigation of diseases.

3, Aplastic anemia. According to relevant research, if aplastic anemia occurs, it is very likely to be a symptom of liver and kidney disease or leukemia, and it is recommended to be vigilant.

4, disease. If people themselves suffer from bleeding disorders, such as excessive menstrual bleeding, or gastric and duodenal bleeding may be The problem of inducing anemia, it is recommended to pay more attention in life.

5, lose weight. Many women do not lose weight through exercise, but diet to lose weight, or even take a lot of diet pills. If this happens for a long time, nutrition will be out of balance, which will make the body Iron deficiency, leading to anemia.

Will drawing blood cause anemia?

Blood drawing generally does not cause anemia.

In normal circumstances, the blood is drawn for laboratory tests, and the amount of blood drawn is limited , and within the tolerance range of the human body, the amount of blood drawn is relatively small.This situation generally does not lead to anemia.

If anemia occurs, it may be due to a relatively weak body, and the daily intake of Too little iron can also be caused by trauma or excessive bleeding, which can lead to anemia.

Red dates , Brown sugar does not replenish blood

Brown sugar

Brown sugar is unrefined sugar, of which 96.6%The ingredients are sugars, and the mineral content including iron is very small,So it is very difficult to replenish the blood with brown sugar water reliable.

Red dates

The iron content in jujube is not high, its content is about 2 ~ 4 mg/100 g, compared with some animal foods such as pork liver and chicken liver, it is very low.

AndThe iron in red dates is not easy to absorb< /strong>The sugar content of jujube is also relatively high, so it is unreliable to eat red dates to enrich blood.

Reminder: These 4 kinds of food really enrich blood, don’t eat wrong next time

Black beans< /span>

Black beans are a common bean food, often eaten can play a role in blood, because it can enhance the function of the spleen and stomach For kidney deficiency and blood deficiency, eat more black beans at ordinary times, which can not only enhance vitality, but also play a role in anti-aging and anti-aging.

Especially for people with anemia, often eat some black beans in moderation,< span> can not only play the role of blood, but also can prevent various diseases and improve immunity.


Donkey-hide gelatin can stimulate the hematopoietic system of the bone marrow, which can make it produce blood faster and increase the number of blood cells.

Ejiao is rich in amino acids and trace elements, and can also promote calcium absorption. Donkey-hide gelatin nourishes blood and stops bleeding. It also has a special nourishing effect on women and improves symptoms such as irregular menstruation.


Tremella has the effect of nourishing the kidney and strengthening the essence, and has a certain effect onnourishing the liver , so to a certain extent, it can effectively promote the body’s hematopoiesis, and it is also helpful to nourish and enrich blood.

In addition, it is also good for protecting the heart, effectively reaching< span>Replenishing qi and bloodEffect.

Pork Liver

< p data-track="30">Pork liver is rich in iron elements. Eating pig liver properly can help the body improve hematopoietic function. Nourish blood and calm the nervesEffect. For people with anemia, they can often eat pork liver to replenish blood.

if If there are 3 or more conditions, it means that you may indeed have anemia:

1. Skin and mucous membrane symptoms: Pale skin, eyelids, lips, and nail beds;

2. Nerves System: Patients will experience symptoms of dizziness, fatigue, and memory loss;

< strong>3. Respiratory system: Shortness of breath or dyspnea, most of which are caused by hypoxia or hypercapnia in the respiratory center;< /p>

4. Urinary system: More serious, patients may have oliguria and proteinuria;

5. Digestive system: loss of appetite, abdominal distension , nausea, constipation, etc. are the most common symptoms;

6. Endocrine perspective : Patients will have abnormal secretion of endocrine glands;

7 , Gonadal angle: The patient is likely to experience a decrease in gonadal hormones;

< strong>8. Immune system: Patients with anemia may affect T cell function and cause low immune function;

< p data-track="40">9. Blood system: may cause hemolysis, and in severe cases, leukopenia and thrombocytopenia may occur; span>

10. Cardiovascular system: Heart palpitations and shortness of breath are the most Commonly, patients have rapid heartbeat, soft systolic murmur can be heard in the apex or pulmonary valve area, diastolic murmur can be heard in severe anemia, severe anemia or original coronary heart disease can cause angina pectoris, cardiomegaly, and heart failure.

Conclusion :If the above symptoms appear, it may be anemia. It is recommended that you go to the hospital for relevant examinations and early symptomatic treatment.