Eating more fruits is good for your health, but if you want to have a good spleen and stomach, try not to eat 3 kinds of fruits

Introduction: According to the records of traditional Chinese medicine: “The spleen and stomach are the foundation of the day after tomorrow”, so nourishing the stomach is necessary for health preservation . Do a good job in the step of nourishing the stomach, so that the health preservation can go on for a long time. “Internal injury to the spleen and stomach can cause all diseases to arise.”

In autumn and winter, the vitality is sluggish, the spleen and stomach are weak, and people are prone to diseases, so it is necessary to nourish the stomach, especially now season.

“The master of stomach qi and health preservation.” This is what Zhang Jingyue, a famous medical scientist in Ming Dynasty, said, and his words are very kind. Nourishing the stomach requires a reasonable combination of diet, and the way to it is all-encompassing and indescribable. This article mainly describes the damage to the spleen and stomach of three kinds of fruits in autumn and winter. Let’s learn more about it with the editor below.

Fruit Not eating enough will really increase the risk of death

Eating not enough fruit will really increase the risk of death. According to the “Analysis of Deaths Attributable to Insufficient Fruit Intake of People Aged 25 and Over in China in 2013” released by the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, The life expectancy loss due to insufficient fruit intake in my country is 1.73 years (1.80 years for men and 1.58 years for women).

Fruit is an important part of our balanced diet and an important source for the body to obtain vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber source.

In addition, the fruit is also rich in phenols, terpenes and other biologically active ingredients, which are beneficial to the human body is of great significance. If you don’t eat enough fruits, you may lack these nutrients. If you lack nutrients for a long time, it may affect your health.So it is very important to eat some fruits !

Is the cancer-causing fruit spread on the Internet credible?

Fruit is rich in vitamins and other nutrients needed by the human body. It is harmless to the human body and will not cause cancer.

However, during the process of fruit growth and storage, due to artificially added substances, such as pesticide residues, the fruit Wax, preservatives, bulking agents, etc.will cause certain damage to the human body, and fresh green fruits will not cause cancer.

Will eating fruit hurt the spleen and stomach?

Eating fruits correctly for a long time will not harm the spleen and stomach.

When eating fruit, you should choose to eat it between meals, and usually don’t eat too much Eat cold fruits, cold fruits will stimulate the spleen and stomach of the human body, which will easily lead to unstable functions and damage the spleen and stomach.

Do not eat too much hot fruit, it will lead to heat accumulation in the body,It is easy to cause endocrine disorders, cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, and damage the spleen and stomach.

Eat more fruits for good health, but if you want to have a good spleen and stomach, try not to eat the 3 kinds of fruits

Lemon< /strong>

Lemon is a common fruit, many people like to drink lemonade, but for For patients with stomach problems, it is better not to eat lemons as much as possible.

Although lemon is rich in nutrients, it can resist oxidation and beautify the skin, but it contains a lot of acid substance.

If there are stomach lesions and you eat a lot of lemons, It will stimulate the gastric mucosa, cause excessive secretion of gastric acid, and then damage the gastric mucosa, resulting in impaired gastric function.


Carambola is a very common fruit, but many doctors, but I seldom let my relatives eat carambola, why is this?

Because carambola is not as nutritious and delicious as it seems, on the contrary,It contains a certain amount of toxins, which will not only increase the burden on the spleen and stomach, damage the spleen and stomach, cause damage to the digestive system and immune system, but also increase the burden on the kidneys Detox and Metabolize Stress.

In general,Often eating carambola is undoubtedly increasing The possibility of getting sick, everyone is getting farther and farther away from health.


If you want to promote the health of the spleen and stomach, you should pay attention to a reasonable diet at ordinary times, so as not to eat too much pears to avoid excessive moisture in the body. Many people’s body’s ability to transport water and dampness has declined, which is related to the weakening of the spleen and stomach. When the lung function is reduced and the throat is uncomfortable, Sydney can be taken properly.It can replenish the water inside, Vitamins to relieve discomfort in the body.

However, Sydney is a cold fruit, eating too much Sydney will also make When the body is injured, the weakness of the spleen and stomach will become more obvious, which will also increase the moisture in the body and prevent it from being excreted.

Conclusion: This is the end of today’s editor’s sharing. I hope this article can help some people who are confused about health. Share it, thank you for your reading and long-term support!

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