Qixi Festival will be healthy | Summer swimming fun

Summer is a great time to swim. The picture of the FINA World Championships on the screen constantly arouses the water flowers that swim in all directions deep in my memory.

In the shallow area of ​​the “Xincheng” swimming pool, my neighbor Guomo taught me to use both hands and feet After learning to step on the water a few times, and after a few times of “stuffy” water, I dared to swim back and forth in the middle water area. Later, I went to the deep water area with him to learn diving and diving, and I ate a few “big boards”, which did not hinder my passion for diving. If you learn to swim, you will be strong in summer. With the money saved, you can spend 0.15 yuan today to “Da Xincheng”, tomorrow to spend 0.10 yuan to “Xiao Xincheng”, and also to the “Medical Engineering” and “May Fourth” swimming pools.

Wandering back and forth in the waters full of “dumplings”, sometimes diving underwater, sometimes floating backstroke, and swimming into a cheerful fish. After swimming well, I was cool in body and mind, and my stomach sang “Empty City Plan”. I took out the few cents left in the bag, and bought two knife-cut steamed buns in a nearby store with my friends, which were very delicious.

One day, my neighbor invited me to watch the “diving” performance at Hengfeng Road and Bridge, and I gladly agreed. When they got to the bridge, they saw tanned and strong warriors climb up the concrete balustrade in the middle of the bridge in turn. Jump into the water one by one like “insert a candle”. These warriors are also really courageous, completely ignoring the deep and turbulent waters of the Suzhou River in the high tide, and the small freighters that may appear under the bridge. The continuous “color diving” of the warriors made my heart itch. So I discussed with the neighbors, they can dive on the bridge, and we can swim, why can’t we go to the Suzhou River to test the water? A few days later, in the scorching hot afternoon, with a group of friends in the alley, we ventured to Suzhou River to “play with water”. We didn’t have the guts to “divide” from the bridge, so we stepped over several boats leaning on the shore and jumped into the water from the outermost boat in turn. At that time, the water pollution was very serious, and we completely ignored it. We swam eastward for hundreds of meters in the middle of the river before we landed, and we didn’t care about the smell of river water.

On the summer days like farming and barbecuing on the farm, every day, after returning from the fields covered in sweat and mud, I jump into the river. Swimming in the water will eliminate the heat and fatigue. The head rests on the water, the blue sky is pure with the body and mind. During the busy days of the farming season, it was dark and dark, and I also went to the river to take a picture of it. Back to Shanghai to work in school, swimming is also blessed with unique conditions. As a special swimming school, I often take students to the swimming pool with physical education teachers for training, and by the way, take advantage of the light to swim to pass the addiction. I remember one time I went to a resort with a teacher from my unit to play. One of them is swimming in the river and touching mussels. I and several teachers who knew how to swim in the wide river and touched the mussels with great interest. In just over an hour, each of them touched about ten pounds of mussels and brought them home.

There are many summer travel activities for teachers, and swimming trunks are a must-have for me every time I go. Among the teachers, there are many good swimmers, among them, Teacher Qin has more swimming ideas. When visiting the scenic spot, he walked through a small river in the mountains, and the water was cold, so he couldn’t wait to jump in. He has a big “model”, is white and fat, and loves backstroke. His big white belly floats on the water, like a white rubber boat with bullet holes and gimmicks. Later, when swimming in a wide and deep reservoir, facing the unfamiliar huge water, I lost my direction. Not far away, I saw Teacher Qin’s dazzling “white boat” leading me, and my heart settled a lot, and I quickly moved closer to him.

Medical experts believe that swimming is a whole-body exercise in water, which plays an important role in promoting muscle growth, improving cardiopulmonary function, improving immunity, and preventing and treating various chronic diseases. Swimming in summer not only removes the scorching heat and irritability from the outside in time, but also refreshes and strengthens the body. This year, the epidemic has continued, and the swimming pools have been closed, so I have to sleepwalk as fast as I can. I hope the epidemic will end soon, so that swimmers can enjoy the good time in the water again! (Cheng Zhizhong)