Promoting improvement with evaluation and ensuring safety with quality——Our hospital holds the 2022 excellent medical record selection activity

In order to further standardize the writing of medical documents in our hospital, improve the connotation quality of medical records, and comprehensively promote the high-quality development of the hospital, on November 18, 2022, the Medical Records Quality Management Committee of our hospital Successfully held the 2022 annual excellent medical record selection activity.

21 clinical departments of the hospital recommended 252 medical records of 80 physicians to participate in the selection.

The expert group of the medical record quality management committee strictly follows the selection process Method, after preliminary screening, review, review and collective discussion by the expert group, the Department of Encephalopathy won the second prize for outstanding departments in this competition; Zheng Hongmei and Pan Kun won the second prize for outstanding individuals; Li Zhiyong, Zhou Ting, Yang Linlin, Lu Xian, Zhou Tianfeng , Yin Shili, Lu Xiaofeng and Shao Pengju won the third prize for outstanding individuals.

This event provided a case for writing excellent medical records, and also found deficiencies in the quality management of medical records. The medical record quality management committee will use this Taking this opportunity as an opportunity to check for loopholes, make up for shortcomings, enrich the connotation, strengthen the quality management of medical records, and prevent medical risks.