pride! This world-class beautiful island, only Chinese citizens can enter, beats the Maldives

What kind of China have you seen? Is it the vastness of 9.6 million square kilometers, or the surging of 3 million square kilometers?

What is China like?

We have planted the image of “rooster” in our minds since childhood

We often forget that the mysterious sea at the foot of “rooster”

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The endless blue

occasionally the waves roll and the waves hit the shore

with A broad mind

It has witnessed the prosperity of the Qin and Han Maritime Silk Road

It also hides many thrilling stories

This is the South China Sea

< p>China’s largest sea

And our protagonist today – Sansha

is here This vast sea

writes its own story quietly

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The Best of Sansha

Sansha, China The central and southern part of the South China Sea and the southern part of Hainan Province

responsible for the administration of the Xisha Islands, Zhongsha Islands, Nansha Islands

and their adjacent waters


is the most “most” city in China

It was established on June 21, 2012

is the youngest city in China

It is 900 kilometers apart from east to west and 1800 kilometers long from north to south

The total area is about 2 million square kilometers

It is larger than Xinjiang (1.665 million square kilometers). Be big

is the largest prefecture-level city in China

It faces the Philippines to the east and south to the Indonesia, Brunei, and Vietnam to the west

Located in the ancient “Maritime Silk Road” must pass through the waterway

It is the southernmost city in the latitude of China

Its oil reserves account for about 1/3 of the country

It can be called the second Persian Gulf

It is a prefecture-level city with the largest oil and gas reserves in China< /p>

It’s “full of personality”

Foreigners are prohibited

Even if it is It is also very difficult for Chinese residents to enter.

It is the most mysterious city in China

It is big< /p>

The resident population is only 2333

(The seventh census data)

It is the prefecture-level city with the smallest population in China

< p>It has equatorial tropical and sub-equatorial belts

Spratly Islands are in the equatorial belt

Paracel and Zhongsha Islands are in the sub-equatorial belt

but all three islands are No heat, no severe cold

is the most special climate region in China

It is the only one in China A city full of coral reef landscapes

The variety of creatures here

I am afraid that there is no city in China that can compare with it

It is the real “South Gate” of China

the southernmost city and the southernmost library in the motherland

the southernmost barber shop , cinema, school

all here

It is also an important barrier in the South China Sea area< /p>

There are troops stationed here for a long time

At the same time, a national military jurisdiction is also set up


The most beautiful in the world The island is in Sansha

Sansha City includes more than 280 islands, sandbars, reefs, shoals and reef beaches

scattered in the South China Sea

Among them, The Paracel Islands are particularly prominent

Paracel Islands

This piece of “Virgin of the Virgin” that has been beautiful for many years “Environment”

It can satisfy all your fantasies about the sea

The glassy sea surface that makes people dreamy

You can sink in just one glance

It’s just like what is described in Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale

“In the distance of the sea, the water is so blue, like The petals of the most beautiful cornflower are at the same time so clear, like the brightest glass.”

Paracel Islands

China’s most beautiful islands


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Even the most dexterous painter in the world

the most natural dyes

can’t adjust its color


On the Paracel Islands, only three islands are open to tourists

Quanfu Island, Yagong Island and Yinyu Island

Some people say that going to other places is tourism

But only one thing in Xisha< /p>


The flag-raising ceremony on Quan Phu Island

reflects the patriotism incisively and vividly

< p>When the national anthem resounded across the island, the five-starred red flag was slowly raised

a spontaneous pride and pride

instantly filled my heart

if belief If there is color, it must be Chinese red

Yongxing Island

The center of the Xisha Islands, Nansha Islands and Zhongsha Islands

is the whole The largest island in the South China Sea Islands

It is also the seat of the Sansha Municipal Government

It is not large in size, but the sparrow is small and complete.

There are banks and shops , hospitals, schools, libraries, cinemas, supermarkets and other basic living facilities

Yongxing Island has beautiful scenery and rows of coconut trees

People living here are leisurely and peaceful< /p>

Whether young men and women, or the elderly

face is full of energy

Overlooking Yongxing Island

It is like staring at the ideal paradise in my heart

The outside is wrapped by the blue sea

The green vegetation covers it< /p>

Like a forest on the sea

No matter where you go, you can go to the seaside

This unexpected romance

It’s hard not to let people Heart

Many people like to go to Saipan

Because of the blue hole

(Blue holes can be divided into ocean blue holes and inland blue holes. The former opens directly to the marine environment, usually with seawater from tidal currents; the latter is exposed on the land surface, with seawater, freshwater and both Mixed water. Mostly distributed in tropical and subtropical marine or coastal environments, and is a relatively rare geological landscape.)

But probably only a few people know about the world’s deepest

Blue Cave

Not in Saipan

but in Sansha

< p>The Yongle Dragon Cave on Jinqing Island in Sansha

is the largest ocean blue hole in the world

The diameter from the transition edge between the entrance of Yongle Dragon Cave and the reef flat is about 130 meters

The depth is 300.89 meters

The mysterious dark blue

The depth is fascinating

And the unopened Qilianyu Island and Ganquan Island

It is a veritable underwater paradise

Diving lovers’ paradise



In the waters of Sansha

Hidden too much beauty

Just like what is written in the Sansha cruise travel brochure:

“This place is separated by a deep ocean, if you want to select China She was the first to bear the brunt of the last secret realm, so just a glance, just a glance, this place will be recognized as the last paradise by many people. “