Pregnant women eat remedies to risk premature birth and be admitted to the ICU: 4 kinds of remedies of the older generation, really don’t imitate them

Recently, an article “Pregnant women who eat home remedies risk premature birth and are admitted to ICU” has been on the news hot search.

On July 30, a pregnant woman in Chengdu, Sichuan was sent to the ICU for believing in remedies. It is reported that the pregnant woman ate a bowl of foetal supplements on the evening of the 29th and developed symptoms that night.

Firstly, abnormal fetal movement followed by frequent uterine contractions, which finally led to severe stomach pain and hypoxia, so the family rushed to the hospital and hung up the emergency department. ICU for miscarriage protection.

Recipes and secret recipes, don’t use them casually

To be honest, folk remedies are really a very mysterious thing.

Within the knowledge of modern medicine, there has never been any research to prove which remedies can cure a certain disease.

Many news reports about credulity of remedies, delaying the condition, and even harming people’s lives appear frequently, which shows that remedies have a certain market among the vast majority of people in China, especially in some rural areas.

However, in fact, most of the medicines used in these remedies are “toxic and side effects are not clear”, and even some remedies have many ingredients that can damage the kidneys and other organs.

For example, the controversial “Aristolochic acid” has been confirmed by modern medicine—-even if it is taken once, the dose is very small, but it may be harmful to the kidneys. Cause irreversible damage.

What are the folk remedies that are still “harming people”?

With the development trend of science and the popularization of medicine, more and more remedies have been confirmed, which not only cannot cure the disease, but also continue to harm the physical and mental health.

Recipe 1: Washing feet with fig water – causing skin burns

Many people know that fig leaves have certain heat-clearing, detoxifying and dampening properties efficacy, but has not been included in the ranks of formal prescriptions, it should be a folk herbal medicine.

Analysis by dermatologists, burns when washing feet with figs are similar to burns caused by fig leaves. Plant photosensitive dermatitis.

The human body comes into contact with some photosensitive plants, such as fig leaves, and then irradiated by a certain wavelength of light, which can cause redness, pain, rashes, blisters and other symptoms on the contacted skin .

Recipe 2: Eating raw fish gall bladder directly to clear the eyes – poisoning

Eating it raw will not only cause infection with parasites, but also cause food poisoning.

For example, raw fish gallbladder contains harmful substances such as hydrocyanic acid and histamine, which will cause adverse effects on the body, brain and nerves.

Actually, if you want to clear your eyes, you should first reduce the long-term use of electronic devices, so that the eyes can be relieved. Most eye diseases are related to the long-term use of electronic terminal devices.

In addition, you can take more ingredients containing vitamin D and carotene in your diet, such as carrots, kale, cantaloupe and other vegetables and fruits.

Recipe 3: Centipede Healing Mole Sores—Causing Unfortunate Death< /p>

There are often such plots in the Jianghu writings of Jin Yong and Gulong martial arts.

After being poisoned, the protagonist uses centipedes, poisonous scorpions and other poisonous insects to “fight poison with poison”. There are also some folk remedies of “fighting poison with poison”.

For example, eating centipedes to treat hemorrhoids, but centipedes are toxic, and eating them will only lead to kidney failure and even death.

Using poisonous insects to cure diseases is not only impossible to cure diseases, but it is usually not worth the harm.

The most scientific way to treat hemorrhoids is to seek medical treatment in a regular hospital, follow the doctor’s instructions to take medicines and take medicines, change your lifestyle and dietary structure, do not stay up late, strengthen exercise, quit smoking and alcohol, and improve your health. The intake of high-fiber foods, etc., instead of listening to home remedies, lead to unfortunate occurrences.

Recipe 4: Apply whitening toothpaste on the burned area – causing re-infection of the wound

Applying whitening toothpaste to the burned skin is thought to be a way to reduce burns, but in fact, it will easily lead to infection of the burn site, which is not conducive to the healing of the wound.

Severe burns are more likely to delay healing and make the burns more severe.

Appropriate scald treatment should be to wash the wound with a lot of running cold water for at least ten minutes. If the severity is mild, you can use scald ointment to resolve it yourself. If the situation is serious, you should seek medical attention immediately.

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