“Pregnant before marriage, do you need a bride price?” The mother-in-law threatened the daughter-in-law, and the girl’s behavior made the man lose face

The dowry is a common form in today’s marriage market. After all, the dowry is paid by the man to the woman, and is usually kept by the woman’s parents. With the changes of the times, parents usually bring the bride price and a little dowry to the woman to the small family together. But many families of the man’s side are unwilling to contribute this small amount of “start-up capital”.

1. The boyfriend and the woman discussed getting pregnant before marriage, and wanted to lower the bride price, but they were threatened by the mother-in-law.

Xiao Qiang and Li Wei have been in love for three years, and they have been studying in college We have been together since childhood, and two years after graduation, we are ready to enter the palace of marriage. Because Li Wei is an only child, and marrying Xiao Qiang is a distant marriage, Li Wei’s parents disagree, so they proposed a gift money of 200,000 yuan, hoping to see the sincerity of the man.

I also hope that this money can give my daughter a guarantee in the future. After all, the parents can’t protect the girl who married far away. But Xiao Qiang thought that the family couldn’t afford that much money at once, so he discussed with his girlfriend whether he could conceive before marriage, and lowered the bride price to 100,000, so we got married first.

Li Wei feels that Xiao Qiang treats her very well at ordinary times, and her parents will marry her as a dowry when the time comes, and the start-up capital of Xiaojia is also enough. So he agreed to Xiao Qiang’s proposal, just keeping an eye on Li Wei.

When the two announced their pregnancy to their parents, Li Wei’s parents looked very helpless, and her mother said to Li Wei: You will hurt yourself like this, But it’s your own choice, and it’s hard for us to say anything.

Then the two discussed and decided to hold the wedding quickly, but Xiao Qiang’s parents suddenly regretted it, and they didn’t want to offer a gift of 100,000 yuan. Always said to discuss it again, Li Wei forced her mother-in-law to ask: Do you want to wait until my stomach grows so that I can not give out the bride price?

Unexpectedly, the mother-in-law stopped pretending and said frankly: You are pregnant before marriage and still want a bride price? You have a big belly, if you don’t marry us Xiao Qiang, who else can you marry?

Li Wei turned to look at her boyfriend, Xiao Qiang stood aside with his head down, and did not defend Li Wei. She understood in an instant that it was a calculation from the very beginning, only she agreed to get pregnant out of marriage because of love, so Li Wei smiled and patted her stomach: You should cancel the wedding next month, I am not pregnant at all, the matter of getting married Let’s forget about it!

It turned out that Li Wei wasn’t pregnant at all, but just wanted to help her boyfriend lower the bride price and deceive both parents. She didn’t expect that the man turned out to be such a family, and didn’t want to pay a penny. A few days later, the mother-in-law and Xiao Qiang went to Li Wei’s house again, hoping to get back together, and gave the dowry according to the original request of 200,000 yuan, because Li Wei did not attend the wedding, the hotel money could not be refunded, and relatives and friends would laugh at their family of. 2. Why is there a situation where “pregnant before marriage” is a situation where the bride price is pressed?

1. The man’s parents don’t want to hand over financial power

In fact, most of the man’s lower prices are not because of money, but Is not willing to pay. Because most of the family gift money is more than half of the family savings, handing over this part of the money may mean that the parents have no right to speak, and the young couple can make their own decisions in the future.

Many parents may want money to trap the young couple, to maintain their image as a patriarch, and to let their sons and daughters-in-law listen to them, which requires financial support.

2. The man’s family is indeed difficult

There are still some families, indeed It is because the economic conditions of the two parties are too far apart, and the financial difficulties of the man’s family cannot meet the requirements. At this time, the young couple want to be together, and they can only force the woman’s parents to agree to the marriage contract through the situation of unmarried pregnancy.

3. It is believed that the woman has no way out when she is pregnant before marriage

In fact, the most fundamental reason for these reasons is that the public believes that A pregnant woman can only marry the father of the child. And it takes a lot of courage to break up the child and break up. Sometimes the man uses both soft and hard tactics, which may make the girl marry in a daze, and her life is not satisfactory in the end.

3. Parents of the woman, how to avoid the crisis of “pregnancy before marriage” for girls

When two people are talking about marriage, there are also many couples who have accidents and get pregnant before marriage Not a minority either. However, one netizen once shared that he was pregnant before marriage, and his parents-in-law paid a lot of nutrition expenses, and found a delivery hospital and confinement center, and asked the woman whether she wanted to get married and have a baby, or if she was pregnant for three or four months. Just do the wedding.

The parents-in-law handled things very decently, which made the woman’s parents feel sincerity. Be better, there is no red face in the slightest.

Actually, the girl’s parents can see the attitude of the other’s parents from the bride price. If they focus on money, they don’t have any scruples about girls In the mood, as a parent, you still have to persuade your daughter to be more cautious. Even if the daughter is pregnant, don’t push her into such a family.