Pre-made dishes can also be eaten nutritiously, friends who often order takeaways should learn

There has been a lot of discussion about pre-cooked dishes recently. What are pre-cooked dishes? How about the taste and nutrition? This article will talk about the system.

1. Pre-cooked dishes: pre-processed and easy to cook

What is a prepared dish? Just look at the 4 pictures.

Picture: Pre-made Pickled Fish

The killing, slicing, and seasoning of the sauerkraut are all pre-processed. All you need to do is boil the sauerkraut with water, add the thawed fish fillets, and cook for two or three minutes before eating.

Picture: Pre-made Fried Pork

The peppers are cut, the meat is cut and marinated, and the seasoning packets are also prepared. Fry quickly with cold oil in a hot pan, and you can eat it in three or five minutes.

Picture: Pre-made Braised Pork

It’s fully cooked, steam for 10 minutes, or tear off the lid of the bowl, and microwave on medium-high heat for 7-10 minutes.

Picture: Pre-made Braised Chicken

It’s fully cooked, steam for 10 minutes, or tear off the lid of the bowl, and microwave on medium-high heat for 7-10 minutes.

Know what a pre-cooked dish is.

Pre-cooked dishes are dishes that have been partially pre-processed, and can be eaten quickly after buying them home and simply cooking them. The process of marinating and seasoning can save you a lot of time.

There are two main types of prepared dishes on the market.

1. Ready-made dishes

All the ingredients are raw, just simply cut and marinated, matched with seasonings or seasoning packets, they need to be cooked before they can be eaten. The pre-made sauerkraut on top Fish, pre-made small fried meat is just like that.

2. Ready-to-cook pre-cooked dishes

The dish is basically cooked, but because it is refrigerated or frozen cold chain transportation, it needs to be thoroughly heated before eating. The braised pork and yellow braised chicken above belong to this category. Many This kind of pre-made dish is mainly used for fast food delivery.

Saving time is very suitable for white-collar workers who live a fast-paced life and are not very good at cooking, but how about the taste and nutrition?

Second, salt, oil and sugar are added, which is not a unique problem with pre-made dishes

I analyzed the sodium, sugar and fat of 40 prepared dishes from 5 major brands and found:

1. More salt in general

75% (30 types) of prepared dishes contain more than 400 mg/100 g of sodium, and each serving weighs more than 200 g, and most people can easily eat 200 g, so It will consume more than 2 grams of salt, but it is recommended to control the salt intake within 5 grams a day.

From this point of view, the sodium content of 400 mg/100 grams is really high, and high-salt diets will increase the risk of hypertension, stroke, and stomach cancer.

2. Universal sugaring

90% (36 styles) of seasonings contain added sugar, and excessive sugar intake increases the risk of dental caries.

3. There are also many high-fat ones

42.5% (17 types) of prepared dishes with a fat content of more than 10g/100g.

However, the heavy taste of salt, sugar, and fat is not a problem specific to prepared dishes.

Ingredients such as roasted pork belly, small stir-fried pork, braised pork, and sweet and sour pork ribs are already high in fat; although small crispy pork and sweet and sour pork are made of lean meat, they are fried in batter. Even if they are high-fat, these dishes are still high-fat even if they are freshly cooked in restaurants or at home.

In addition, cooking with a lot of salt, oil, and sugar is not a problem unique to pre-made dishes. These problems are also common in restaurants outside and at home, so there is no need to focus on these points. Slam pre-cooked dishes.

Third, there is not much nutrient loss in prefabricated dishes

The ready-made vegetables are all cut and refrigerated for sale. Low-temperature refrigeration can slow down the loss of nutrients, and vacuuming the vegetables will further reduce the loss of aerobic nutrients such as vitamin C.

The shelf life of ready-to-cook pre-made dishes is generally 3-6 days. As long as you choose the ones that are close to the production date, try to buy them from the fresh food platform and deliver them in 30 minutes. Buy back Home cooking as soon as possible, the nutrient loss will not be too much.

This is similar to many friends who cut the vegetables the night before, sealed and refrigerated, and fried them the next morning in order to save time.

As for the ready-to-cook pre-cooked dishes, you will find that most of their ingredients are meat, and the vegetables are mainly potatoes, carrots, beans, lotus root, mushrooms, eggplants, etc. Not much vegetables.

Therefore, repeated heating does not cause much loss of nutrients, which is the same as many friends who freeze the meat on weekends and eat it at any time.

Although the loss of nutrition is not much, the taste is too standardized, and it is always almost the same as the home made. This is the most criticized point of pre-made dishes.

My advice on this is to make it yourself when you’re not too busy, and eat pre-cooked meals for a while when you’re too busy.

4. Pre-made dishes can also be eaten nutritiously

If the takeout you order is a ready-to-cook pre-cooked dish, it is certain that the dishes are few and not fresh, then add your own cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, tomatoes and other raw foods. Vegetables, or make other meals by yourself, make more fresh vegetables.

As for the problem of high oil and high salt, bake it before eating. Pre-made dishes with high-fat ingredients, such as pork belly and pork ribs, are also less.

If you buy ready-to-cook pre-cooked dishes, put less seasoning package, and put less oil on your own, you can control the oil and salt well, and the dishes It can also be served with cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, tomatoes, guarantee that a meal will eat 1-2 fists.

Anything else you want to share about pre-made dishes, leave a comment.