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Forging the “red engine” to activate the development momentum

Weifang Daily News Feng, Secretary of the Party Branch of Shandong Sanyi Group Co., Ltd. Guoliang, giving full play to the advantages of party organizations in private enterprises, has consistently grasped the main line of party building, established the “two new” organizational party building work concepts of “grasping enterprise party building is grasping productivity”, and created the first “red salary” party building brand in the province. Through the “five The “heart” party building work model promotes the integration of party building work and various tasks, transforms party building achievements into production momentum, forges a strong private enterprise party building core, and makes important contributions to the high-quality and stable development of enterprises. In August 2022, he was rated as “A Good Party Secretary” by the Organization Department of the Weifang Municipal Party Committee.

Feng Guoliang (right) in the company The intelligent control center understands the relevant situation. (Data map)

Give full play to the power of party members and role models

Feng Guoliang regards party members as the core driving force for enterprise development, making party members the “vanguards” in overcoming difficulties “, the “pioneer” of pioneering and enterprising, and the “leader” of reform and development. All the party members of the group company can take the lead and dare to gnaw hard bones.

He took the lead in the group and proposed that 200 yuan “red salary” should be paid to party members and employees every month. Prompt party members to take the initiative to reveal their identities and make extraordinary achievements. “Although the ‘red salary’ of 200 yuan is not much, it is an honor and an incentive for me. If I don’t take the lead in doing a good job, how can I get this money?” said Zhang Lianqing, a party member of the company.

With incentives and spurs, the company has formed a good atmosphere of “ordinary employees strive for excellence, outstanding employees strive to join the party, and outstanding party members become the backbone”. A large number of outstanding employees have submitted applications for party membership to the party organization. The group of party members in the party branch of the group company has continued to grow, from 8 party members at the beginning of its establishment in 2017 to the current 28 party members. During this period, 8 party members who were not related to the party organization in the company also took the initiative to reveal their identities and transferred to the company’s party branch. “Now there are party members in every department, every workshop, and every section of the company. Party members take the lead in setting an example, setting an example, and striving to be pioneers. Our production and operation are getting better and better.” Feng Guoliang said.

Leaded by Feng Guoliang Party members go out to visit and study. (Data map)

Party building integrated into in-depth management

Since serving as secretary of the party branch of Shandong Sanyi Group Co., Ltd., Feng Guoliang has insisted on focusing on party building, Grasp the concept of party building to promote development, identify the combination and foothold of party building and enterprise management, and realize the organic integration and mutual promotion of party building and enterprise production and operation development.

Safe production is the lifeline of an enterprise. Under the leadership of Feng Guoliang, party members and employees continue to strengthen equipment upgrades, hidden danger investigation and rectification, refined management improvement, and do a good job in the “dual system of risk classification control and hidden danger investigation and governance” “Construction, set an example with advanced thinking and practical actions, become the main force in the management and control of safety risks, hidden danger investigation and governance, and build the first line of security defense.

Feng Guoliang attaches great importance to the personal growth of employees, and implements the grid management system of “secretary and party members, party members and employees”. Branch secretaries and party members, party members and ordinary employees have regular monthly talks to understand work and life Dynamics to help solve the problem of “emergency, difficulty and anxiety”. Focus on strengthening the selection and training of outstanding front-line employees, through technological innovation, skill training, job training and other measures, improve employees’ work ability, research and development skills and management level, build a talent growth platform, and unblock the promotion channels, so as to truly realize the “party building, gathering talents, talents Leading innovation” virtuous circle.

Feng Guoliang (left one) and Young workers talk heart to heart. (Data map)

Creating a harmonious family-enterprise culture

Under the advocacy of Feng Guoliang, the party branch of the group company actively advocates the establishment of a “three righteous family culture “, strengthen the construction of corporate culture, use “temperature” to ignite the passion for work, and let the achievements of corporate reform and development benefit all employees and their families.

The company has formulated a series of welfare systems, set up an “employee love mutual aid fund” to provide assistance to employees and their immediate family members who have temporary difficulties in life due to illness and injury, and distribute birthday cake cards to employees’ parents. Consolation money and gifts were sent on the festival, childcare subsidies, college student bursaries, etc. were distributed to employees’ children. The company also donated nearly 10 million yuan of funds to give back to the outstanding senior management personnel, technical personnel, employees with special contributions and old employees who have made outstanding contributions to the company, creating a characteristic family-enterprise culture with profound humanistic feelings.

In addition, the company also meets the spiritual and cultural needs of employees by creating a characteristic “employee home”, creates a diverse and harmonious working environment, and effectively enhances employees’ sense of gain, sense of belonging and professionalism. Under the leadership of the party branch, party members, cadres, and employees are enthusiastic about starting a business. Sanyi Group is blazing a new path for the “two new” organizational party building work in the new era, maintaining a strong momentum of high-quality development.

Weifang Daily All-Media Reporter: Li Hongming/Text