Do students need to make up lessons?

Should students make up lessons?

Yesterday I wrote an article “Out-of-school make-up classes are all prohibited, what about students’ grades?” “The short article has caused heated discussions on the Internet, and the opinions are inconsistent. Let’s discuss whether students should make up lessons, and how to make up for better results?

The school’s curriculum is set according to the syllabus, how to test the exam, how difficult the test paper is, and will not deviate from the syllabus. If students have a good grasp of the classroom, they will follow the teacher’s requirements , review, preview, homework, and the grades will not be too bad. Excellent students just ask for grades in 45 minutes. I investigated a key middle school experimental class before. In this class, I have never heard of anyone making up lessons outside. There may be, until the end In the college entrance examination, there are 4 students from Peking University and Tsinghua University, more than 20 students from Tianda University and Nankai University, and some from Fudan Jiaotong University. The biggest characteristics of these students are that they absorb well in class, have good learning status, and have high learning efficiency.

If a student’s learning status is not good, it doesn’t matter how many extracurricular classes he has, even a famous teacher is useless. Whichever teacher the students like, they will learn well in that class, that is, they like, like, and have a positive mood when studying.

Everyone knows that Mingyue wrote “Those Things in the Ming Dynasty”. He said that history can also be written for fun, but for most students, learning history is boring. If the textbooks and teaching methods were the same as those of Mingyue back then, students would not suffer so much. The first step to make students get good grades is to make students like learning and let them find the feeling of success in learning. As long as they like it, they can learn well no matter how difficult it is.

Nogalov, Ph.D. of Bulgarian psychology, believes that students learn most efficiently in a relaxed and happy state, which is 5-50 times that of other methods. Students can adjust their minds, By connecting learning with positive emotions, the grades can be improved in a short time without being tired, which is very fun.