Poor follicle development, is there any way to improve it?

Don’t look at our ovaries, which are only about the size of a thumb, but they play a very important role, and there are several follicles in the ovaries. Only when the follicles are mature will the eggs be released. When the eggs are released, they can be combined with sperm for fertilization. A woman can become pregnant, isn’t it amazing? But if the follicles don’t develop well, the eggs cannot be released smoothly, which will lead to female infertility. So, is there any way to improve the poor follicle development?


How to improve poor follicle development?

1. Don’t stay up late, this is very important, Because going to bed late will disrupt the secretion of female hormones. For example, when the daily work pressure is high, you should relax and relax, and don’t stay up late to rush to work.

Have a balanced diet, do not have a partial eclipse or diet, which will cause malnutrition and reduce immunity.

2. You can eat more fish, shrimp, milk and other foods, exercise regularly, and do not smoke second-hand smoke.

3. When gynecological inflammation occurs, it is necessary to seek medical attention in time to avoid ovarian infection.

4. Keep away from inferior hairdressing and whitening products. After being absorbed by the skin and mucous membranes, women’s ovarian function will be damaged.

The above is a brief introduction about poor follicular development. I believe that female friends have already understood that poor follicular development will directly affect ovulation. If you want to hold your baby as soon as possible, you must go to a regular hospital for ovulation induction, so that you can welcome your baby as soon as possible.


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